Admissions Recruiter Cover Letter

A recruiter's job is not easy because a lot many things have to be taken into consideration while hiring people. Yet more difficult is the job of an admissions recruiter. You not only have to reach out to the student masses but also analyze their knack and counsel them what could be the right choice for them. It requires certain important qualities like being approachable, patient, keeping oneself updated, etc so make sure you mention all these qualities in the admissions recruiter cover letter along with other things.

The idea is to convince the recruiter that you can handle the job well. So note down and make a list of all the things you think are worth mentioning in this letter about you. Having a look and the job description will give you a fair idea as to what to elaborate. Apart from that you can and in fact you should enumerate your interests to show your inclination towards the job profile.

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Sample Admissions Recruiter Cover Letter

Julia Anthony
Supernova Apartments,
Galaxy Arena, Residential Lines - 32,
Contact Number - (324) 327-6787


Kevin Samuel
Human Resources Manager
Human Resources Department
Texas Public School
St. Helena's Colony, River Dale Street - 13

Re: Application for Admissions Recruiter

Mr. Samuel,

The notification for the post of Admissions Recruiter posted on the University of Texas's website is making me write this letter to you. I am keen on taking up the post as I have been recruiting and counseling students in quite many colleges in Texas working with the Texas Government Board of Administration for Students for the last four years. My areas of interest and skills are as follows:

I firmly believe the job of an admissions recruiter is far more than whatever is described in a company's job description because it is all about personal interaction and how well you can gel with the students because this industry gains popularity by 'word of mouth' and proper structure of fee division.

I am sure you would like to speak to me more and meet in person. I am capable of bringing in success to your already good infrastructure. So let us meet and work towards it. Thanking you for your time.

Sincerely Yours,
Julia Anthony


The sample admissions recruiter given here is just an example and you can write whatever you feel is your strong point keeping the letter simple, to the point and professional. The length of the letter could be a page and has to be written in the soft copy, aligning everything to the left. Last but not the least, do find out the names and designations of the concerned persons when you draft your letter as it creates a good impression. That is to say that a cover letter has to be personal to have the desired effect. Remember it is all about how to convey, more than what you convey. So wish you all the best for your future endeavors!

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