Agency Recruiter Cover Letter

Have you ever wondered that you are eligible and absolutely fit for a particular job and in spite of that, you are facing troubles in the initial stages of getting through with the selection procedure? The problem could be that you are not presenting yourself well. A cover letter is written to the recruiting officer or the employer to convince as to why he or she should select you over others. Following are sections on some tips for writing cover letters, format of cover letters and a agency recruiter cover letter sample too.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

If you wish to make your cover letter effective you should follow some basic pointers. Such as, take due care while typing the letter for any kind of typing errors and minor mistakes like possible mistyping of dates of educational course duration or while mentioning any tenure of work experience.

Secondly, when writing the letter, be sure that you are sticking to the purpose of writing the letter. It is imperative to mention clearly which post you are interested in and also mention how did you come to know of the particular vacancy. The reason behind this is that, there are many resumes already on the employer or recruiter's table. So when the reader is reading your letter, he or she should not be left guessing.

Last but not the least, you must always personalize the letter with the names of the addressee and do a bit of research about the company, say on the internet website. It gives a good impression and genuine interest.

Sample Agency Recruiter Cover Letter 1

You should use the American letter writing format of writing cover letters. In this type, you have to place all the contents of the letter on the left hand side of the page, starting from the address and contact number of the writer to the closing salutation, this is also known as the blocked letter writing style. Mentioned below is the skeleton structure of the agency recruiter cover letter.

Name of Sender
Postal Address Line 1
Postal Address Line 2
Email Address
Contact Number


Name of Addressee
Designation Held in the Organization
Name of Organization

Re: Post applied for

Mr. / Miss. Last Name

Introduction and body of the letter

Closing and thank you line

Sincerely Yours,
Name of Sender


Mention the documents you are submitting along with this cover letter. For example, your resume.

Sample Agency Recruiter Cover Letter 2

Robin Cherry
Cherry Orchard,
Fruitful Arena, Residential Lines - 13,
Contact Number - (123) 0000 456


Torque Earnest
Administrative and Human Resource Manager
Human Resources Department
Everything-At-Stake Recruiters
Recruiters Lounge, Business Lines - 13,

Re: Post of an Agency Recruiter

Miss. Earnest,

Let me first thank you for publishing the notice for the vacant Agency Recruiter's post in your Everything-At-Stake Recruiters. I would like to serve in your firm as the job profile seems to be made just for me. The qualities that you require in your employee and have mentioned in the notice, hard-working, enthusiastic, good communication skills and knowing of a foreign language (French), all these seem to speak about my profile. I have a certificate in French, as a foreign language, from the reputed ABC Institute of Foreign Languages, University of New York City. Kindly have a look at the same, attached along with this letter.

I am sure of the fact that once you meet me and have a conversation with me in person; you will find my claims to be true. Besides that I would love to serve in your reputed firm. I will wait for your email (address mentioned above). Thanking you in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,
Robin Cherry.


  1. Resume
  2. Letter of Recommendation
  3. Award Certificates
  4. Experience Certificates
  5. Educational Certificates
  6. Copies of Acting Specialized Course Certificate

Follow this format and sample given above for drafting an effective agency recruiter cover letter for yourself. Wish you all the very best for your endeavors!

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