Benefits Administrator Cover Letter

You may have the right qualification for the job of a benefit administrator and a well-crafted resume. In spite of these, your job application may not be accepted by the employers. One reason for this can be the absence of a cover letter. This is the reason why most professionals and experts suggest that you should send a cover letter with your resume. The benefits administrator cover letter should tell the employers that you can be an ideal candidate for the job.

Cover letters are important and their purpose is to get you the attention you are seeking from the employers. You can tailor it according to the company requirement and expectation. Your resume may be generic and nothing much can be done with it. However, the cover letter can show your skills and how well you can present yourself to the employers. This is the reason why employers suggest that you should craft the letter in a proper manner.

The sample cover letter below will show you the right format and some important tips on how you can write them.

Sample Benefits Administrator Cover Letter

Adams Turner
238 East Weaver Street,
Carrboro, North Carolina,
United States

August 10, 2011

Mary Wilson
348 South Charlton Street,
North Carolina,
United States

Dear Mrs. Wilson,

I was excited to learn about your advertisement for the job opening of business administrator. My experience and skills rightly match your expectation from an ideal candidate. As requested, I have enclosed my resume that will give you detailed information regarding my work experience and educational background.

I have worked in Speed Group of Company Pvt. Ltd for the past five years as a benefits administrator. My key role in the organization was to oversee the company's benefits program. These programs include the employee's health issues, retirement plans and accounts. This is one challenging role and I believe I can take up these responsibilities well. I can commute well with people and can explain the different benefits options to the employees. In addition to this, I can perform any administrative duty and work for achieving the company goals. I can also talk on behalf of the employees regarding their problems for certain company plans. I am aware of the different policies of the insurance companies and ensure the employees and the organization at large gets maximum benefits. As far as my educational background goes, I have a degree in human resource management. I am confident that I can be the right person for the job.

I would be glad if you could arrange an interview wherein we can discuss on this more. Please feel free to call me if you have any queries related to my work at (919)-349-3278 or e-mail me at

Thank you so much for your patience and consideration.

Adams Turner

Attachments: Resume and Work Experience Certificates

This is how you write a benefits administrator cover letter and show your interest for the job. It is great way to grab the attention of the employer instantly. Good luck with your job search!

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