Executive Admin Cover Letter

Executive administrators are supposed to help the executive management. These people mostly have to perform clerical duties, and maximum of their responsibilities are very complex. They need to have a good understanding about all the computer software applications and proficiency for researching on the internet.

The executive admin has to manage the calendar of the executive, schedule appointments and meetings. Also, they have to prepare responses for corresponding the materials for conferences and meetings. In some organizations the executive admin has to file corporate reports and documents, answer calls and greet executive guests. If required then they will have to perform personal errands for the executives when required.

Along with these skills an executive admin will also need a strong cover letter for getting the desired job. Cover letters have to be well-written, crisp and perfection in itself. The cover letter is presenting you in front of the employer and so you need to make sure that everything in your cover letter is perfect. When you start writing a letter remember that addressing an actual person is highly important. The companies would want to know that you have actually taken out time for personalizing the email.

Covers letter are the first things that any employer will notice. Therefore, getting the content and length right is very important. Most of the organizations will not want you to be expert writers, but all they want is you to submit a proper cover letter. Any spelling mistakes will make the organization look negatively to you. Therefore, if you are not good at writing then ask a friend to help you in writing a cover letter. Another golden rule to remember while drafting a cover letter is not to look desperate. You may be desperate in getting that job, but make sure it does not reflect in the cover letter. Here is an example executive admin cover letter for guiding you further.

Sample Executive Admin Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Josh Hardy
375 Clark Street,
Beverly Hill, CA93857,
Mobile: 284-194-1895
E-mail id: h.josh@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Natasha Joseph
Marshall Grant Organization,
3847 Apple Grove,
California, CA94857

Date: June 5, 2011

Dear Ms. Joseph,

I am sending you this application for the post of executive admin post in your organization and this letter is to introduce myself to you. I am confident that my organizational skills as well as excellent ability in prioritizing tasks will be highly beneficial to the executive I will be assigned to and that I will be a strong asset in Marshall Grant Organization.

Below is a summary of my skills and experience for your convenience, you can find this information in detail with my attached resume:

I am aware of the fact that any executive would need someone's help in completing their tasks and for keeping them properly organized. For this similar reason, I am sure that I would be beneficial as an administrator and would bring along a high level of joy and enthusiasm to my work at Marshall Grant Organization.

I would like to meet you in person for discussing my background further. You can contact me at 284-194-1895 or e-mail me at h.josh@example.com.

Josh Hardy
Your Signature

This example cover letter can be helpful in guiding you on how to write a good cover letter. Keep the letter personal and engrossing.

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