Administrative Law Judge Cover Letter

An administrative law judge is a person from the legal field who is authorized to hold oath ceremonies and administer oaths, take testimony, along with quite many other responsibilities. What we are going to see here is the administrative law judge cover letter format and an example, in the following sections.

Administrative Law Judge Cover Letter Format

The format presented below for writing the cover letter is similar to the American type of business letter writing. Further details are explained in the different sections of the format below. Take a look.

Contact Details: This is the very first section of the administrative law judge cover letter and it consists of the applicant's name, postal address and email address. In case the applicant has a telephone no., it is to be mentioned as well.


Addressee Details: This section consists of the name of the addressee or in case the addressee is not known to the writer, he or she may address the letter in a generic way, using the 'To Whomsoever It May Concern' heading. But, it is advised that to make the cover letter more effective, a bit of research is to be done at least for knowing who your reader is going to be. It creates a good impression.

Salutation: This section is for the formal salutation to be given to the addressee. Since this is a business letter, you have to keep it professional by addressing the person directly by name. You could also use the traditional Sir or Ma'am though.

Body: The body of the letter should have the reason for your writing and a thank you line for the letter being considered.

Administrative Law Judge Cover Letter Sample

On the basis of the above mentioned format, with everything aligned at the left hand side, the following is an example of the administrative law judge cover letter. Take a look.

Clive Robyn
34 - Richard Avenue, Street 32 Bylane 4,
Residential Lines, Jury Colony,
Mobile Number - 123 4567 890


Kingsley Paul
Senior Jurist
Judge Advocate General Branch
Tennessee Court.

Re: Application for Administrative Law Judge

Mr. Paul,

I write this letter to you with reference to the vacant post of an Administrative Law Judge in your city. I hold an experience of hearing administrative cases in three states of the U.S.A., as mentioned in my resume, attached herewith. I think I am capable enough of handling the said responsibility with efficiency.

Please contact me on the above mentioned email address or phone numbers in case you wish to speak to me. I will be available on all working days. Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours Sincerely,
Clive Robyn.

Enclosures: Resume, Certificates

Hope this sample of administrative law judge cover letter proves to be useful to you. Do not forget to make the necessary changes while following this format and check again for any typing errors. Best of luck!

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