Office Admin Cover Letter

Your office admin cover letter will not help you get a job but the main purpose of cover letter is to get an interview call from the employer. Through the cover letter, you should be able to show your credentials and positive traits. This catches the interest of the employer and he/she feels like meeting you to discuss about the position for which you are applying.

A cover letter is a formal letter so you should follow certain professional letter writing etiquette while writing a cover letter. A cover letter is divided into three sections the header, the main body and the last part is the closing statement of the cover letter. The main body of the cover letter is further divided into three parts as the opening paragraph, the middle paragraph and the last paragraph is the closing paragraph of the cover letter. In the opening paragraph of your cover letter, you should write the aim of writing this cover letter. In the middle paragraph you should include your credentials and how you can be useful for the employer. In the closing paragraph you should thank the employer for his time and consideration and give your contact details.

Career Profile of an Office Admin

An office admin can be any person who works in the administrative department of the organization. As an office admin you have to balance the needs and tasks of the different employees in the organization. While you accomplish your tasks, you should also be able to stratify the needs and request of the employees that keep coming around. To get employed as an office admin, you should be a graduate. Most of the times, graduates from computers, management and business are preferred over other graduates.

This example office admin cover letter covers all the important points that should be a part of your cover letter. Hope it will be useful for you.

Sample Office Admin Cover Letter

Marc Pillar
627 Grey Road,
Dusk Cottage,
Fresno, California - 72929,
Email id:
Telephone no.: (829)-378-7382

Date: July 29 2011

Ronald Miller
Office Superintendent
Goal Financial Services,
920 Real Estate Street,
Fresno, California - 72977,

Dear Mr. Ronald,

I am writing with reference to my friend Mr. Paul, working as a senior accountant in your organization for the position of office admin in your organization. I am interested in being a part of your organization where talented employees find a room for their administrative skills. I have excellent administrative skills and communication skills that can help the employees satisfy their requirements.

I am a graduate in computer science with certification courses in network management and hardware technologies. I have excellent ability to tackle the technical issues of the computer systems and provide solutions. Employed as an admin at PreTech Solutions for 2 years and Mineral Hotels since 3 years in providing technical support.

My previous experiences and skills are a close match for the position of the office admin you are looking for. I will be pleased to meet you and discuss the details of the position in person. For more details, you can refer the attached resume. Feel free to call me at any time if you have any questions.

Thank you for your review. Looking forward to hear from you.

Marc Pillar


Resume Copies of degree certificates
Copies of networking and hardware management course
Copies of salary slips of current employer

Hope the above office admin cover letter helps you boost your job opportunities. A cover letter is a formal communication medium between you and the employer. You should never include your salary details in your cover letter.

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