Administrative Office Manager Cover Letter

An administrative office manager cover letter is a business letter, yet a personal and self recommendation letter to the recruiting officer or the employer of an organization. You need a bit of knowledge before you start writing the letter.

Administrative Office Manager Cover Letter Format


The first section is for the details of the sender that specifies the name, postal as well as email address and contact numbers. Placing this section of the letter can be done on either the top center or the left hand side of the page.


As the name suggests, this is where you mention the date of posting the letter.


The name, designation of the addressee, organization's name and address comprises of this section that follows the date.

Nowadays, addressing the addressee is very direct and is addressed with their names, i.e. there is no need to use Sir / Madam. Beginning the letter with Mr. / Miss. Last Name is acceptable. Body: The body of the letter has to be professional and to the point. It should state how you got the information about the vacancy and why you think the employer should hire you. Mention and highlight your sellable points strategically. That is why it is said to customize the letter each time you send it to different employers.

Tips for Writing Cover Letter

Administrative Office Manager Cover Letter Example
Ruby Matthew
Capt. Haddock Housing Society,
St. Maria Street 5, Block J,
Contact Number - (123) 4567 890


Remo Robin
Recruiting Officer
Maryland Software Solutions,
Highway No.9, Marlboro Avenue,

Mr. Matthew,
Re: Application for Administrative Office Manager
I write this letter as a response to the vacant position of Administrative Office Manager in Maryland Software Solutions. My source of knowledge about this post is the organization's official website, Kindly consider my application, as having worked as an Administrative Office Manager for a year and seeing your specified requirements; I feel I am the right candidate for you. Attached please find my recommendation letter. Hoping to get a call from you soon. Thanking you for your time.
Yours Sincerely,
Ruby Matthew.


  1. Letter of Recommendation
  2. Resume
  3. Certificates
  4. Relieving letter
  5. Experience Letter
  6. Copy of Latest Salary Slip
  7. Address Proof
  8. Identity Proof

Hope this administrative office manager cover letter format and sample help you to draft your cover letter in the most effective way. If you have experience, you may ask your previous employer to give you or allow you to use their letter head. This not only adds reliability, but attracts attention too. So you increase your chances of being 'seen.' So wish you all the luck!

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