School Administrator Cover Letter

It is difficult to write a school administrator cover letter. Rarely would you come across a cover letter for this position as this is a senior position. Therefore, why not write your cover letter and be one of the few people who will actually send this letter while applying for this position. Cover letters though, may seem like extra effort work in favor of the sender.

School administrator is a responsible position and they are handed many management duties. They are hired by either state or by federal authorities to manage the schools in the district. Some of them even serve as principals in schools. Therefore, it is matter of privilege if you get picked to become a school administrator, and a good cover letter will help this happen for you.

You will be forwarding this letter to a federal or state authority. Therefore, you have to ensure that you are writing the best letter you can. You may already be a principal or a member of the district school board, but don't take it for granted. There could be many other such principals and other members who may be applying for this position. Therefore, you have to make your letter stand out from the rest.

We will guide you with a few pointers on how to write the school administrator cover letter, and what all points you have to include in it. Once you send the letter, you are bound to get considered for the position.

Guidelines to write a school administrator cover letter

Based on these points, a cover letter sample is given below. Make use of the sample.

Sample School Administrator Cover Letter

Timothy Barnes
Roth High School,
14 Westwood Avenue,
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Myron Stock
State Education Inspector
Jefferson Road, City Hall,
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Dear Mr. Stock,

I received the letter from your office dated August 12, 2011, which stated that the position for school administrator for the district is open, after Mr. Sharp retired. I am honored that you have considered me for this position, and I am sending you my resume along with this letter.

Though, it will be difficult to fill Mr. Sharp's shoes, I assure you that I have the capability to do so. I have been principal of Roth High School for the past ten years and have done a good job. I have even served as chairman of the district school boards for the past two years in succession. Boston already has a commendable academic scenario and I wish to take Mr. Sharp's hard work even further.

My main goal would be to drastically reduce the high school dropout rate, and encourage our youth to study even further. This goal of mine would receive a huge boost if I were to be appointed as school administrator. Therefore, I ask you to call me in for an interview so I can tell you firsthand about the plans I have if I become the school administrator. The above stated contact details are where I can be reached any time. Again, I thank you for giving me this honorable opportunity.

Sincere regards,
Timothy Barnes


This school administrator cover letter sample is one the simplest examples. Follow the template and write your cover letter.

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