Senior Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Senior administrative assistants have to manage the day-to-day tasks for running the business, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and universities. Senior administrative assistants will always occupy the senior positions and help the executives with some of the major tasks on daily basis. Along with performing some of the basic duties such as directing phone calls, answering, and screening, senior administrative assistants have to provide the executives with secretarial service. They are usually responsible for scheduling meeting, recording, filing business documentation, and make every day notes and agendas. However, sometimes they will also have to supervise other assistants, and train some of the administrative staff for the internal system and electronic databases.

Some of the other duties that a senior administrative assistant has to perform is proofreading and developing memos, creating tables and charts for report, managing outgoing and incoming mails, and creating graphs. Candidates who wish to qualify for this position need to complete at least a high school diploma and minimum seven years of experience to qualify for senior position. Although, on-job training is provided with an individual with experience is always given first preference. Senior administrative assistants need to have excellent typing skills, oral and written communication abilities.

These professionals must also possess remarkable interpersonal and customer service skills are a must, since senior administrative assistants have to deal with different personalities and levels outside and inside of the organization. Employers will always look for candidates who have a poise, positive attitude, and professionalism. Senior administrative assistants should know how to be efficient in different computer applications such as PowerPoint, Excel, and Microsoft Word and some other project management as well. Therefore, if you are a skilled professional and waiting for the right job, then simply write a creative cover letter, which will get you noticed immediately. Write all your qualities in the best manner. This article will provide you with sample senior administrative cover letter that will help you further.

Senior Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

Andrew Gaynor

2430 Park Boulevard.
Des Moines, IA50309,

December 23, 2011
Mr. David Corey
New Jersey Times,
772 Webster Street,
New Brunswick, NJ8901.

Dear Mr. Corey,

I want to apply for the position of senior administrative assistant with your organization, which was advertised in the newspaper yesterday.

I have got a certificate III in office administration and have spent more than ten years in working as a personal assistant in most of the high-end companies including for Stock Exchange, City Office and Boulevard House. Overall, I have nearly 13 years of experience of working in the office administration.

Currently, I am working as a personal assistant to the vice president of IT solutions, and I am required to manage all the specified and administrative tasks in an accurate and timely manner. This mainly included distributing agendas, taking minutes at different management meetings, organizing meetings, and sending required information to all the relevant attendees. I have advanced my skills in Microsoft Office and have used these tools for helping produce the organization's annual report and prospectus, which are easily available on the website of the organization.

I can work on autonomous or group basis. While providing quality assistance to my current organization, I am also needed to liaise with and help 12 different staff members. This not only requires remarkable time management skills, but also a professional ability and manner for communicating effectively.

I am friendly and confident and I am sure that my experience and skills will make the best candidate for the job at your organization. Thank you for giving your valuable time and considering my letter. I await a reply from your side for discussing my efficiency for this position.


Andrew Gaynor

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Follow this same method of writing a cover letter or you can make changes as per your requirements. Remember to sign your letter in the end. Good luck!

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