Superintendent Cover Letter

Superintendent cover letter is one of the most vital documents necessary to qualify and compete for the post you have applied for. A superintendent is a person who is solely dependent to carry out all the important duties that are essential for running the organization smoothly. It is a title that is normally used in the educational, construction, or to refer to some high ranking police personnel. You will need to modify it as per the job requirements.


The sole purpose of the superintendent cover letter is to generate an interview call for the job you have always dreamt of. It is the most effective and reliable ways of communicating with the prospective employer to showcase your exclusive skills and experience. It is through this document that he will get to know you personally, even before actually meeting you. Thus, this is the right opportunity to make that very first impression on the employer.


Applicants applying for jobs tend to take a casual approach while drafting their cover letters. Some even fail to draft it or either draft it at the last minute, making it a mess. This ultimately leads to losing the job opportunity forever. However, if you wish to grab that golden opportunity, you must take appropriate care to draft it professionally, thereby generating a call for an interview. In fact, this is the best way to confirm and increase the chances of getting interviewed for that dream job.

Drafting a Superintendent Cover Letter

Drafting a cover letter for the post of a superintendent won't be a task, if you follow some simple guidelines. Here are some points that can be followed:

Now, drafting a cover letter for a superintendent is definitely much more simpler and easier.

Sample of a Superintendent Cover Letter

Here is a sample that will give you a better and clear idea to clarify all your doubts, if any,

Felicia A. Jackson
3958 Hillhaven Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Phone: 323-845-0932
Email id:

Date: April 27, 2012

Michael L. Cothran
The Principal
Don Bosco School
3585 Lawman Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22030

Dear Mr. Cothran,

It was really one of the most exciting moments of my life when I saw the opportunity for the post of a "Superintendent" in your school. Your school has shown tremendous progress and development in the recent years and has won many awards as well. I would definitely like to be a part of it and contribute towards its growth. I became aware of this opportunity through

I am presently working as a "Superintendent" with "Children's Paradise". My four years experience has taught me that each child has a special ability. I developed special programs related to sports, music, dance, drawing, painting,etc., designed to excel the child in the field he/she is interested in. I also introduced bilingual education and unique learning techniques to the staff and students, so that every child best understands the course curriculum, thus leading to better results every year. Moreover, the parents gave an excellent feedback confirming the positive impact of the learning styles.

I wish to contribute to your school in the same way, as you are one of the schools that respects and welcomes new ideas. Thank you for taking out the time to go through my application. I await a positive response from your side.

Yours sincerely,


Felicia Jackson

Before sending a superintendent cover letter, make sure that you have proof read it several times and confirm that it is duly signed.

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