Support Cover Letter

Whenever you are applying for a supporting job profile, make sure you have attached an impressive support cover letter that matches with the employer's demands and expectations. This is essential to get that call for an interview that may subsequently lead to acquiring your dream job. If you are confused or are feeling nervous or do not have any clue on writing an effective cover letter, here are a few tips that will help you in writing that impressive cover letter.

Techniques for Writing a Cover Letter

A support cover letter is that one page document that best illustrates your strengths, details what you actually are, explains the purpose behind your application, and what positive contribution can you make to the organization. In short, it should essentially highlight you as the best fitted candidate for the job and should be able to score an edge over the rest of the applicants.

The cover letter should be short, simple, and written in a language that is easy to understand. Avoid using long sentences and do not use flowery language. The cover letter should convey your genuine interest and desire to take up that job. Do not include any negative things in the cover letter. Make sure that the tone of the letter is positive and showcases your enthusiasm. Also, it is vital that you customize your cover letter to match the job requirements of the prospective employer.

To arouse the interest of the employer and to keep him engaged, make sure that the content is catchy. It should explain in detail your key skills, achievements, work history, etc., in a way that the employer should get the feeling that you are one of the most exclusive candidates for the job. He should be tempted to call you for an interview.

Divide the cover letter into small sections for better readability. The first section should give the purpose of your application and details regarding where you got the information about the vacancy. The middle section should relate your skills, educational qualifications and experiences with the potential employer's expectations. Include your personal work and other interests that may be useful in that particular job. End the letter on an optimistic note and request the potential employer and let him know that you are keen to attend the interview. The letter should end with a standard valediction and the copy of the cover letter should be signed without fail. You can even research the company and mention one or two positive things about the same. Make sure that you have drafted it professionally. Remember to mention all your selling and positive points in an assertive tone. Do not sound pushy nor do beg for the position. Get an interview on the basis of your accomplishments and experience.

Sample of Support Cover Letter

The sample given below best illustrates on how to write a support cover letter:

Yvonne G. Brown
1404 Ripple Street
Caro, MI 48723
Phone: 989-712-2563
Email id:

Date: May 8, 2012

Danny C.Gilliland
The Recruiting Manager
Infotech Solutions Inc.
3089 Holden Street
Chula Vista, CA 92010
Phone: 619-216-4536

Dear Mr. Gilliland,

It was a great pleasure to see the advertisement for the post of "Junior Administration Support Executive" in your esteemed organization. I came to know about this vacancy through one of the job portals I believe I am the perfect candidate you are searching for this job as I exactly fit in your requirements.

I have an extensive work experience of four years and was handling all the supporting functions related to administration. I have multitasking ability due to which I am particularly skilled at handling the phone calls, updating and feeding the data accurately as well as attending the incoming visitors and directing them appropriately. My seniors particularly appreciate my time management and organization skills.

Now I am looking out for a job which will give me better growth prospects and you are one of the organization's I had always dreamt of working for. If given this opportunity, I will try to contribute to the best of my ability. I thank you for the time and consideration. I look forward for a positive response from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Yvonne Brown

Based on this cover letter, tailor a support cover letter that will make the right impression on the prospective employer and compel him to call you for the interview.

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