System Admin Cover Letter

A system's admin is a professional who has to handle the entire processing on the computer network. A system admin will mostly have to work in the information systems department or the data processing department. He has to take care of running WANs, internet, intranet, network segments, and LANs for organization he or she is working in. He will be the primary person who will be installing, supporting, and designing the system. For the design phase, system admin will have to gather all the information from interested clients and end users and make a plan for the system he or she is working for.

For the installation phase, system admin will have to manage the tasks that are responsible for making the system function together properly. Most of the times system admin will also have to look into support duties such as repairing, system efficiency, and making the right upgrades at the right time. Sometimes, documentation and communication is also considered as an important aspect for system admin. This is important because in the entire designing, installation, and support phase, he or she will have to communicate the problems they encounter to the end users.

These days' maximum organizations look for system admins who can maintain the network and security of the system or give a support for the back-up for the employees in the organization and also the department of information technology. These professionals need to have extremely good logical and analytical thinking skills, because they will constantly be working on computers. They always have to come up with ways for communicating the most difficult things in simple ways. Maintaining a fast pace and paying attention to minute details is also important. Now, if you wish to work as a system admin, then you need to write an impressive cover letter. Below you will find a sample system admin cover letter that you can refer to.

Sample System Admin Cover Letter

Virginia Simon
1749 Reeves Street,
Green Bay, WI5430,3

Date: March 7, 2011

Anthony Stewart
Yahoo Inc.
4768 Holden Street,
San Diego, CA92103

Dear Mr. Stewart,

I would be moving to your vicinity very soon and I have been looking for a job as a system admin. Today, in the newspaper I came across the opening of a system admin with your organization. I have an idea about your organization and I think I will be the right choice for this position, not because my qualifications are the exact match for your organization, but I think I will be the ideal candidate for this position as I am right mix of personality and qualifications.

I was working as a system admin with Google and there I have learned a lot of things, which I am sure, would help me in the future. I have a vast knowledge of systems administration and you will find the details of this in my attached resume.

Following is a gist of my qualifications and experience. You will find all this information in a detailed manner in my resume:

I know that when you set to choose a system admin, you would want to hire someone who is highly qualified and has vast experience. I am sure that even with my current experience I would be ahead in race as compared to other candidates. It would be better if we could meet and talk it out. You can give me a call on my mobile at 920-819-2329 or write an e-mail at Thank you providing your time.

Virginia Simon

Enclosure: Resume

Write the best letter to get the desired job. Pen down all your mentionable experience and qualifications, All the best!

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