Warehouse Inventory Cover Letter

Organizations that deal in supplies or selling huge amount of merchandise need help in managing their business. For tracking all the supplies or goods that come in, these organizations would hire warehouse inventory clerks. A warehouse inventory clerk is someone who will have to administer all the work that is related to the items in the warehouse. This work helps in smooth functioning of any organization, because it lets them stay organized with the help of resources. This job is considered as physically taxing, since warehouse inventory clerks have to perform physical tasks on a day-to-day basis.

Warehouse inventory clerks have to take care of processing all the incoming shipments inside the warehouse; this includes keeping the receiving area constantly clear. These professionals also have to check if the shipments delivered match with the invoice or not, and they have to add an identification or pricing mark on it. After the shipments are sorted, warehouse inventory clerks have to stock the items in the warehouse, retrieve it whenever required, and if it has to be sent across then prepare if for shipment. The most important task that a warehouse inventory clerk has to handle is maintaining inventory logs and data entry.

If you want to become a warehouse inventory clerk, then you need to remarkable in dealing with numbers, because their main job is to keep a perfect track record of the stocks. Apart from this, they have to check the pricing that is displayed on the receipt and check the costs of the inventory. Therefore, it is a must of every warehouse inventory clerk to have good math skills. They should know how to use Microsoft Excel, and different programs used to create database. When you start applying for jobs, make sure that do accompany your resume along with your cover letter. Your resume should never be sent out by itself. Following is an example warehouse inventory cover letter that will guide you ahead.

Warehouse Inventory Cover Letter Sample

Jaime Jones
1512 Davis Court,
Granite City, IL 62040,

Date: July 1, 2011

Florence Hernandez
Infinity Inc.
3687 Hart Country Lane,
Calhoun, GA 30701

Dear Ms. Hernandez,

Re: Warehouse Inventory Position

You must be getting hundreds of applications in a day. But, I am sure after reading my application letter you will stop your search right here. You can find my attached resume for your further review. Since, the time I came to know of this opportunity, I am very excited, and therefore, would request you to review my resume.

For the last six years, I have been working as a warehouse clerk with Millennium Organization, where I had to take care of different things related to supply replenishment. This task required me to lift weight up to 200lbs, coordinating with different departments operating in the warehouse, and managing the operation of the factory equipment. Most of the times I work closely with a team, but I can work alone as well, and have got the ability to take up initiatives whenever required. I waste no time when I am working, and trust me I am a very good employee in an organization setting, who can take care of repetitive work.

If you think that I will be the right choice, then you can give me a call at 618-877-7309. It would be great if we could meet and discuss the requirements of this profile and what are the future plans of your organization. Thank you for taking out your valuable time and going through my letter and considering my resume.

Jaime Jones
Enclosure: Resume

Now, that you know how you need to draft your own warehouse inventory clerk cover letter, you can easily write yours. Cover letters are easier to write when you know of the things that you need to mention. So, give it your best shot. Good luck!

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