Travel Agent Cover Letter

The main purpose of travel agent cover letter is to impress the employer and help him make decision of calling you for an interview. Sometimes, cover letters are so well-written that the employer may not even have to read resume of the applicant. Such cover letters can also help in impressing the employers. Most of the people find it a difficult task to draft a resume.

If you follow and understand the tips and suggestions given in this format and example travel agent cover letter then you can also draft an impressive cover. One of the most important things to remember while writing a cover letter is that you should not forget to address your cover letter to some authorized person in the organization. If you are unaware of the exact contact person then you should address it to the highest authority of the organization.

Job Description of a Travel Agent:

A travel agent works in travel and tourism firms. He plans, organizes and suggests tourist destinations and packages for tourists. They should be good at tracking routes and suggesting proper routes to the tourists which make their holiday more thrilling and enjoyable.

A travel agent should at least possess a Higher Secondary Certification. There is no special training and qualification required for this position. Experience makes a man perfect and skilled in this profession.

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Sample Format of Travel Agent Cover Letter:

Contact Section
(Applicants name)
(Telephone number)
(E-mail id)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)

Reference: ___________

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

First Paragraph: The first paragraph of your cover letter should mention the purpose of your application and the position for which you are applying. Also mention why you are interested in a particular position. If you have any references then they should be mentioned in the first paragraph itself. References may help add importance to your application.

Second Paragraph: Second paragraph should include or highlight your credentials. If you know requirements of employer then you can highlight those credentials to make your profile important for the employer. You can mention your previous experiences as well in this paragraph but do not stretch too lengthy.

Third Paragraph: The third or the final paragraph of your cover letter should be dedicated to pay gratitude to the employer for reviewing your application. You can also express your interest in meeting the employers for the discussion of the said position.

(Your name)

Enclosures/ Attachments:

Example of Travel Agent Cover Letter

Martin Harris
Oakwood Lane,
Paradise Avenue,
New York - 29989,
Phone no.: 029-xxx-xxx7
E-mail id:


Will Watson
Recruitment Manager
Watson Travels,
New York - 09373,

Dear Mr. Watson,

It is with keen interest that I am sending my application for the position of travel agent in your firm. I have the required experience and knowledge that make me excel. It would be an excellent opportunity for me to nurture my skills working with your organization.

I have worked with Western Tours and Travels and Holiday-in Tourism, and have a combined experience of around 1.2 years as a travel agent. My excellent communication skills and experience as a travel agent will definitely be an asset for your organization.

It would be a great pleasure to meet you to discuss regarding the said position in person. My resume and other documents attached with this application will highlight more of my credentials.

Thank you for your consideration.

Martin Harris


The travel agent cover letter example is given for your reference. Before writing your cover letter, understand the requirements of the employer and then draft your cover letter. We wish you all the best for your job hunt.

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