IT Analyst Cover Letter

A systems analyst will design all the new IT solutions for improving the business efficiency and productivity. The work of the IT analyst will depend on the internal section, like the department functioning within the organization and external clients. These professionals work closely with the clients, analyzing the existing business models and the data flow, discussing their findings with the client and designing correct and improved IT solutions is a part of their job.

They are responsible for producing outline costing and designs for the new IT systems, by specifying the operations that the system will be performing, and the way the user can view the data. These analysts then have to present their designs to the client, get it approved and work closely with the entire client team for implementing this solution. Most of the system analysts will work under certain IT systems, which will vary depending on the kind of organization.

The primary responsibilities of an IT analyst is incorporating new technical systems for improving the work-flow of the organization, efficiency, productivity, designing business information systems and improved effectiveness. It is also expected from an analyst to maintain the latest knowledge of the ever changing computer technology. The knowledge and skills of an IT analyst usually is applied for the corporate department of operations, project development, information systems, project management and finance.

The personal traits that every IT analyst needs to have are logical thinking, has to be detail-oriented, excellent ability to multitask, effective communicators and good leaders. This position can mean that an IT analyst will have to work in a team or as an individual. If you have got the right qualifications and the required qualities, then start hitting the job portals with your resume. However, make sure that you add your covering letter also along with it. A cover letter is a strongest way for marketing yourself to the prospective employer.

Here is an example IT analyst cover letter that you can refer to.

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Sample IT Analyst Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Jamie Dickens
2840 Brighton Circle Road,
Hutchinson, MN55350
Mobile: 320-587-7651
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Ms. Peggy Sanfilippo,
SunGard IT Solutions,
1727 Jefferson Street,
Fredericksburg, VA22401


Dear Ms. Sanfilippo,

Today, I am writing this application to apply for the post of IT Analyst which was advertised last week on your company website. I have also enclosed my resume with this letter for your further consideration.

I am well qualified and experienced person in this role, and I have completed my education in Bachelor's of Computer Science from the Minneapolis University. From the past three years, I have been working as an IT analyst with Micromax Corporation and have got good analytical skills and hands-on experience, which you are looking for. The reason that I am looking for an employment with your organization is that I have been admiring the kind of work your organization does, and would like to make a contribution in the success of your organization.

I would request you to schedule an interview so that we can meet personally and discuss the kind of skills I will be bringing to your organization and your expectations. You can call me at any time of the day at 320-587-7651 or e-mail me at Thank you for taking out your valuable time and viewing my letter and resume.

Jamie Dickens
Your Signature

Enclosure: References and Resume

If you are not that familiar with writing a cover letter, then write a simple cover letter stating your skills and qualifications. It is not necessary to write an extraordinary cover letter, even your skills can get you noticed easily. Keep it short, simple and precise. Good luck!

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