Junior Business Analyst Cover Letter

Junior Business Analyst Cover Letter provides an overview of the technical and practical competencies of a junior business analyst. The main task of a junior business analyst is to interpret data of his employer or client and in combination with the inferences drawn from market research, make the appropriate recommendations for the improvement of business processes of the company / client or services and products provided by them. Business analysts specialize in different fields. Therefore, the area of specialization has to be mentioned in the starting part of the letter.

The main requirement for a junior business analyst is excellent analytical ability. The applicant then has to present his skill as a fine communicator and presenter. These analysts work mainly with business executives. To convince them about the veracity and merit of analysis requires communication and presentation skills. Junior Business analysts may also work with others involved with production and management. Therefore, interpersonal skills are a must. Applicants will do themselves a favor if they specifically mention their ability and readiness to work with everyone related to their job irrespective of hierarchical positions.

Junior Business Analyst Cover Letter has to point to these aspects of the applicant's personality. Other areas where the candidate has to be proficient include decision making and problem solving. The possession of these skills is a measure of the candidate's dexterity in converting his analysis into practice. Compilation of detailed and systematic reports is another responsibility of a junior business analyst. These reports are utilized by senior business analysts and other authorities for reference. Employers look out for those with a bachelor's degree in the discipline of their specialization. Applicants who possess an MBA degree will boost their chances. Any experience is, as usual, is valuable.

Here is an example of junior business analyst cover letter:

Sample of Junior Business Analyst Cover Letter

Rowan Keats
900 W. 8th Street,
Mesa, AZ 85201,

Milo Edwards
Human Resource Executive,
Tuscan Consultants,
1600 W. Main Street,
Mesa, AZ 85212

Dear Mr. Edwards,

This is with reference to your advertisement in the "East Mesa Times", dated December 18, 2011, inviting applications for the position of a junior business analyst in your esteemed organization. I hereby submit my application for the said position. I am eligible for the said appointment in your organization as per the qualifications prescribed in your advertisement. I have over three years of experience as a junior business analyst and I am seeking employment with an organization that is known for its competence and integrity. My experience has made me familiar with all the aspects of this position. I specialize in analyzing business process and production line operations of refrigerator and air conditioner manufacturing companies. I possess excellent analytical skills that enable me to interpret huge amounts of complex data. Market Research is another area where I can claim considerable expertise. I combine these with fine communication, interpersonal, presentation, and report compilation abilities. I can work with people across the hierarchy and I am good with persuading relevant authorities.

I have a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering followed by an MBA. During my professional career, I have made substantial improvements in the efficiency of production lines of two major refrigerator and air conditioner manufacturers. I was also involved in a task force for improving flow of business communication and defining authority relationships with one of these companies. My abilities as a trouble shooter and decision maker found full expression during the later assignment.

It will be a pleasure to work with a top organization like yours. I have attached my resume with this cover letter. You can get in touch with me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned above as and when you feel necessary.

Yours sincerely,

(Rowan Keats)
Enclosure: Resume

Junior Business Analyst Cover Letter must highlight the talent of the applicant for correctly analyzing business related data. The letter has to also emphasize his ability to present this data to the relevant authorities in a manner that they can easily comprehend and, thereby, accept.

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