Real Estate Analyst Cover Letter

A cover letter should be a personal statement from the candidate to portray his interest in a job. A resume is written in a formal and concise language that presents the candidate's profile in a professional tone. It leaves no space for greetings, purpose, gratitude or requests. Hence, a cover letter is used to add a personal touch to a resume. Whether you make an online or postal application, a cover letter is a must. A cover letter must include details of the job source. Present details of the date and name of the website, newspaper or person who provided job details. Begin your cover letter with greetings and purpose of sending the cover letter. Convey your intention of applying for the job. Remember to mention the name of the post you are applying for clearly or it may mislead your recruiter. Draft a summary of your work experience and responsibilities and include it in the second paragraph. Do not forget to write your contact details in the cover letter or else the recruiter will not be able to get back to you with his decision.

These were few cover letter tips which we believe will prove useful while drafting your cover letter. Also, find below a real estate cover letter example to help you design your cover letter.

Real Estate Analyst Job Description

A real estate analyst is a professional who deciphers the economic trends and market behavior and computes the property value of a particular area. He tracks the different aspects that influence property valuation and calculates the prevailing value of the property markets. Real estate analyst is responsible to draw statistics and gather relevant data to provide basis for developing effective property investment plans. It is vital for real estate analysts to possess analytical, observational and data interpretation skills to make a successful career.

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Real Estate Analyst Cover Letter Sample

Date: 20th October 2011

Meagan Boyle
Phoenix, AZ 87741

Alistair Patrick
Real Estate Manager
Velocity Property Developers,
655 - 474 - 8789

Subject : Application for the post of Real Estate Analyst
Reference: Telephonic conversation with xxxx Recruitment Agency

Dear Mr. Alistair,

I take this opportunity to introduce myself as a goal oriented and ambitious job seeker with passion for real estate domain. I was recently updated about job openings at your organization for the post of Real Estate Analyst by xxxx recruitment agency. With this letter, I wish to express my interest of working in your organization and take the opportunity to put forth my credentials.

I have completed my graduation in Business Administration and achieved a diploma in Real Estate management. I believe my qualifications will prove worthwhile in handling the responsibilities designated to me and for fulfilling the organizational goals. My previous experiences have helped me acquire knowledge in performing economy surveys, analyzing property rates, drafting transaction documents, developing acquisition, mergers and sales plans etc. I request you to give me an opportunity to present my candidature personally and allow me to prove my competence in real estate.

Please find enclosed copies of resume, certifications and experience letters for your reference. Kindly let me know if you require any other information to take a decision.

I request you to contact me on the below mentioned correspondence details to convey your decision

Name : Meagan Boyle
Address : 16S, Rosewood Street,
New York, NY 87741
Telephone No. : 877 - 020 - 3435
Email Id :

Looking forward for a positive reply from your side. I wish to express my gratitude for giving your time and consideration.

Warm Regards,
Meagan Boyle

We hope referring to this real estate analyst cover letter example will help you resolve your doubts and chalk out an impressive cover letter for your job search.

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