Treasury Analyst Cover Letter

Have you wondered how every organization does or business runs smoothly? Treasury analysts are professionals who handle the functioning of every business. These professionals make sure that every functional department in an organization, subsidiaries or division has the right amount of cash flow coming in. Treasury analysts will have to maintain a strong banking relationship and make sure that the organization is getting the right amount of currency transaction and currency exchange rate. Treasury analysts are professionals that are required for proper functioning in every organization. These professionals are not limited to these tasks, but they handle much more than that.

Treasury analysts have a huge list of tasks every day, but this depends on the kind of organization he or she is working in. smaller organizations will have a minute role for treasury analysts as compared to larger organizations. Treasury analysts will have to handle risks that are associated with organization's transactions that happen with foreign exchange, transactions related to solvency, and wire transfers. These professionals will constantly strive to make sure that there is financial control followed at all the time. Treasury analysts are also known to maintain a good relationship with every leading bank their organization is dealing with, trading, and financial organization.

They also have to maintain and develop policy and hedging programs, which are required for calculating the risks and exposure involved in investing. A proper monitoring and maintenance of the operating units cash account is also managed by treasury analysts. To become a treasury analyst one would need to complete his or her education in accounting, finance, or economics. This gives these professionals a good base for handling the future financial transactions. Once you have built a strong foundation, then you can start applying for jobs. Remember when you send applications for job; write a customized cover letter with every job application. Here you will find a sample treasury analyst cover letter for future reference.

Sample Treasury Analyst Cover Letter

Michael Reyes
2257 Monroe Avenue,
Palmetto, FL34221
Date: March 8, 2011

Paul Astudillo
Max Financial Services,
3208 Powder House Road,
Jupiter, FL33458
Dear Mr. Astudillo,

I am very good with my finances and the moment I saw your advertisement, which said you are looking for a treasury analyst, I knew you cannot find a better person than me. The position at Max Financial Services is just perfect for me. To give you a brief, I have completed my education with a master's degree in finance along with a specialization in economics from Washington DC University. After completing my studies I have been working as a treasury analyst for Viceroy Banks and I think with my experience you won't have to worry.

To provide you with a short recap of my skills listed in resume that I will be offering to Max Financial Services, I have the following:

Remarkable interpersonal skills, dependability, and my quality to self-motivate whenever required will also help your team. I am confident that my skills and background is what you have been looking for and you will never regret hiring me.

It would be better we could meet face-to-face and discuss the future of your organization and my contributions for the same. If you wish to set up an interview, then do call me at 941-723-7039. Thank you for devoting your time.

Michael Reyes

Enclosures: Resume
Letter of recommendation

Writing a cover letter is not as tough as it sounds. You just need to draft it in such a manner that it makes the recruiter read your resume.

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