Assistant Controller Cover Letter

The assistant controller cover letter is a part of a job application addressed to the employer in order to convince him or her of your capabilities of performing perfectly in the job. The letter is sent as an accompaniment with the resume. The nature of the letter is personal and all you need are some basic tips for writing the letter well.

Assistant Controller Job Description

The job description of an assistant controller includes having vast knowledge of the rules and regulations of taxation laws. One has to keep himself or herself updated with the latest happenings and changes in rules. There is a lot of responsibility on the person's shoulders as the framing of the entire financial policies for the company depends on him or her.

Apart from this, sometimes drafting the policies also is entrusted on the assistant controller. This requires one to have the proper statistics and sound judgment based on experience as well as statistics.

Since the job profile requires the professional to draft and frame policies, one has to maintain records of the studies and references one has used to make a comparative study for the next time.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

The cover letter helps you to get the needed attention from the recruiter. Out of the many job applications addressed to the recruiter, there are likely to be very few applicants who submit a cover letter. This is a recent trend and not many use it for supporting their resumes. That is the reason why career experts advise to make use of this tool. Coming back to the cover letter writing tips, they are as follows:

If you think you have what it takes to be an efficient employee and like being ahead of your colleagues it can be a very good and strong point to stand out amongst the other candidates. Thus mention it in the assistant controller cover letter.

An assistant controller's job description basically includes checking the financial position of the company, preparing financial statements, assessing tax deductions, suggesting cost cutting measures, etc. For handling these responsibilities proficiently it is necessary to be updated with the market position of shares and other investment plans. Thus mention these points in the cover letter to impress the employer.

Sample Assistant Controller Cover Letter

Brian Cooper
Rugby Stadium Road
Serenity Incarnate Society
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (720) 071 7575


Torque Earnest
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Colorado State Financial Agents

Dear Miss. Earnest,

Subject: Job application for Assistant Controller

I write to you for the post of Assistant Controller in Colorado State Financial Agents. I would like to state that I have been working in this field for the last seven and half years. I have been a part of the auditing firm, Star Accreditation Associates. I was part of the team that checked the financial policies of the companies.

In my recent organization I was responsible for drafting the policies for my company. I have also trained the new recruits for framing the policies and how to practically conduct surveys for gathering information for statistics.

I am confident of handling the job responsibilities given by you in the advertisement. I wish to be a part of your reputed firm in the near future. Hence I wish to meet you in the next week. Could I have an appointment please? If yes, please get in touch with me on my e-mail address.

Sincere regards,
Brian Cooper


  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

Now you know the assistant controller cover letter format and how to use it in your favor. Analyze your interest of working in the company where you have applied. If you want, a well written cover letter can help you get the employer's attention and the rest depends on how you face the interview. With this we wish you all the very best for all your future endeavors!

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