Assistant Editor Cover Letter

An introduction always helps in understanding something, be it a book or a candidate applying for a job. It helps in understanding the content or the person better. When there are many applicants for the same job it becomes necessary to leave a mark on the employer. The assistant editor cover letter is an introduction to your resume, your job application and to your personality also. The letter is important because it introduces you to the employer or recruiter and helps getting selected faster.

The assistant editor cover letter is an informal letter to the employer recommending yourself for the position you are applying for. Make sure you are confident about your qualities and skills that you put in the letter. As for the writing tips refer to the following points:

Like every letter the assistant editor cover letter too has a specific format and way of writing. The letter should contain the information from where you came to know about the job, the details of the person you address i.e. his or her name and designation, etc. Have a look at the following sample assistant editor.

Sample Assistant Editor Cover Letter

Stephen Adam
768 Joseph Street
Jordon House
E-mail Address -
Contact No. - (989) 458 7784


Torque Earnest
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Art House Magazine

Dear Miss. Earnest,

This letter is with regards to the designation of an Assistant Editor in your company. I came across the advertisement of the same on the online employment press releases site,, dated 11/14/2011. Kindly consider this letter of mine as a formal application for the job. I write to you for telling something about my interest in being in this field. I am an avid reader and very passionate about photography. I have completed certificate courses, level III in photography as well script writing. Apart from the work profile of the assistant editor I can also come in handy for editing marketing and advertising scripts. I would love to volunteer for these too because it is my passion.

I kindly request you to consider my application seriously for the said position. I am confident of doing a good job. Besides this, I have a recommendation letter from my manager of the institute where I have interned. I have also served there for a year and half as a volunteer for editing the magazine cover illustrations.

Thanking you earnestly for reading my letter. Looking forward to hearing from you. I am available on the phone number mentioned above on all days.

Sincere regards,
Stephen Adam


  1. Resume
  2. Course certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

You can follow this sample assistant editor cover letter as a base for writing your own version. Take the gist out of this example i.e. the way the candidate talks about his interests and passion. He knows that these are areas which will give him an advantage over others even if not essential. This is what employers look for when they are looking for suitable candidates.

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