Assistant Professor Cover Letter

Professors are those influential people in our lives who change our outlook towards the world and are also many a times responsible for giving a direction or head start to our career. They shape our budding thoughts for getting into the professional field. Many of them become mentors for our lives. The assistant professor's position is thus very influential and carries a lot of responsibility. But prospective assistant professors have to first influence the employer and convince him or her that they are capable of handling this responsibility. The assistant professor cover letter helps you do that. Let us see how!

When one is preparing to get into something it needs a certain amount of preparation. The cover letter is one of those few things. It is important because you get to talk to the employer even before meeting him or her and tell about your qualities or things that inspire you to seek a job with them.

What to Write in the Cover Letter

There are few things that experts recommend to put in the assistant professor cover letter for making it effective. A simple letter can look like a plain job application but then the aim of writing the letter is defeated. The aim should be to influence the employer in such a way that he or she is forced to call you for an interview, because that is the first step towards acquiring the job. So take a look at the following points:

Reason for seeking employment: This section is similar to the objective section in the resume and is important because every employer wishes to know the reason behind why a candidate wants to quit his or her current job.

What you seek: Utilize this opportunity to tell the employer what are your expectations from a dream job. Tell the things you like in their organization, because it helps them know that you are a sincere candidate who thinks about the company too.

What you can offer: The next and very crucial point to mention in the assistant professor cover letter is to tell the employer your special abilities and responsibilities you can handle.

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Assistant Professor Cover Letter Sample

Ramona J. Murray
1186 Art Street
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201
Email Address -
Contact Number - 724-410-6614


Henry Travis
Hiring Manager
Recruiting Department
Central College Education Systems
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15201

Dear Mr. Travis,

With the reference to the available position of Assistant Professor in your prestigious institute I wish to hereby apply for the said job profile. I have taught the high school students for two and a half years and have been teaching the junior college students for the last one year. I have enjoyed my job to the core and wish to continue with same enthusiasm with which I had started.

I plan to submit my research paper in the University of Pennsylvania for my specialized subject. For this reason I would not be able to handle the administrative duties at my present job and that is the only reason why I wish to seek employment in an organization where I just have to concentrate on the teaching part.

Kindly see my resume to find further details of my job and extracurricular activities I have organized. Thank you for your attention and reading my letter.

Sincere regards,
Ramona J. Murray


  1. Resume
  2. Educational certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

This was an example of the assistant professor cover letter by a candidate who wishes to study further and takes her research seriously along with wishing to work. This is sure a positive thing and shows sincerity in her. To the employer what matters is; dedication, seriousness and enthusiasm. So, show these qualities in the different ways you can through the cover letter. We wish you are able to portray your strengths in an impressive way to get the job you like. All the best!

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