Assistant Project Manager Cover Letter

The assistant project manager cover letter is one of those documents that you got to prepare when planning to apply for job. There are certain basic things to find out and keep in mind before you start writing the letter. Things like the professional details of the addressee, job description of the profile in that particular organization, proper knowledge of the advertisement post which notifies the job requirement, etc.

The intention behind writing the assistant project manager cover letter is to make an effort to get noticed by the recruiting department of an organization. Out of all the candidates' resumes, it is difficult to make it to the recruiter's hands if you present a basic and mediocre resume. So, to ensure your application is considered seriously you try different ways of making a strong impression on the recruiter.

People opt for many ways like meeting the human resources in-charge, calling the recruiter and expressing interest in the position, etc. We here give you one tool to for you, provide information on assistant project manager cover letter.

Formatting for Cover Letters

Use the American letter writing format for drafting this letter and ensure that the letter does not become a look alike of your resume. If possible include bulleted points to make it readable. Try to save the recruiter's or employer's (whoever is your addressee) time by keeping the content concise.

The font type should be a standard one without any italic used in the letter. Keep it design-free and color-free too. The formatting should be in the soft copy itself as you have to submit a hard copy of the same. Take care that the letter is of one page only.

The job responsibilities of the assistant project manager are different in different companies and sectors. In a technical industry, one needs to be on the shop floor to ensure the work takes place according to the specifications and guidelines provided by the management and seniors. In other industries, the major part of the work profile is to assist the seniors and provide them with the ground work for carrying out projects successfully and complete them on time.

Sample Assistant Project Manager Cover Letter

From John S. Jones
616 Skips Lane
Phoenix, Arizona 85012
Phone Number - 928-xxx-1106
Email Address -


Taio Jackson
Recruiting Officer
Human Resources Department
Schumacher Brakes Limited
Phoenix, Arizona 85012

Dear Mr. Jackson,

This letter is with reference to the job of an Assistant Project Manager in your company. I am aware that you are due for ISO9001 visit and I wish you the heartiest wishes for being given the highest ranking. Seeing the projects you have undertaken in the past five years, I am sure you will be awarded the certificate. Foreseeing this positive future and the opportunities I can get to learn I wish to apply in Schumacher Brakes Limited.

I have done many projects in my college and internship, which makes me confident of being an asset to you. I just wish to meet you once and tell you what all I can offer and what responsibilities I have handled during my learning phase. Although I am a newcomer into the corporate world, I am confident of the subject I know and I believe that is what really matters when we talk of surging ahead in terms of technology.

Thank you for reading my letter. Kindly get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Sincere regards,
John S. Jones


  1. Resume
  2. Course certificates
  3. Experience letter
  4. Recommendation letter

The sample assistant project manager cover letter mentioned here is one where the candidate is just a college pass-out and has no experience of being in the professional world but he tries to sell whatever he has, his internship experience and the academics. This is suitable for a newcomer but however one must look for the requirements of the employer too and then decide in what way he or she should sell himself or herself in the letter.

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