Gallery Assistant Cover Letter

A gallery assistant performs an array of duties and is someone who lends a helping hand to the gallery manager in the smooth operation of the gallery. She does all types of manual work such as receiving and greeting visitors, listening and answering to their queries, and keeping the floor neat and tidy. She also has to lift, display and remove a heavy piece of art on and from the wall. Which means, her physical condition has to be good so that she can kneel, bend, move and stand easily for longer hours.

If you are trying for a gallery assistant position, you will need a smart, short and interesting gallery assistant cover letter. Since the profession you are in is very competitive, you have to spare no efforts in standing tall in the pool of applicants. You have to talk about your personal strengths, experiences, and qualification in a persuasive manner that can help the hiring manager in deciding to call you for an interview. A cover letter that you will be writing should advertise your credentials for the position applied.

Tips to write gallery assistant cover letter

  1. Let the reader know who you are and what prompted you to take the effort of writing the cover letter in the introductory paragraph. This paragraph will depend whether you are writing in response to an advertisement, because of some reference, or on your own accord.

  2. The second paragraph should support the first one by providing an explanation with examples as to why and how you can fill in the applied position. Mention any interesting thing about your work experience.

  3. Use the next paragraph to describe your personal strengths. Every paragraph should not be no more than five to six lines. Pay attention towards the length of the sentences. Avoid too lengthy or small sentences. While you can maintain uniformity in the matter, feel free to write different length of sentences.

  4. Do not forget to attach the resume and mention about it the cover letter. Ask the reader to review it and thank him or her for the time and consideration. In addition, let them know about the time to contact you.

  5. Lastly, proofread the cover letter at least once. If possible, ask your friend or family member to point out the mistakes in it and rectify it.

Gallery Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Saundra W. Cronin
2509 Dark Hollow Road
Camden, NJ 08102


Ed J. Constant
Gallery Manager
People's Art Gallery
598 Ash Avenue
Camden, NJ 08102

Dear Mr. Constant,

I am professional gallery assistant possessing a solid background in art. I have a degree of B. F. A. in Art History that I got from Camden University. As I was surfing the People's Art Gallery website, I stumbled upon an interesting vacancy of gallery assistant that very much suits my profile. With lots of expectation, I, hereby, present my candidature for the same.

Working for my current employer, I have earned a vast experience in handling the administrative chores of an art gallery. I have assisted my manager in planning, and mounting exhibitions. My knowledge of modern and contemporary art has helped my employer in increasing sales and revenue. In addition, I have learned about the pricing process and art display.

Since art was my favorite subject, I enjoy working in this field very much. I am in good physical condition and can easily lift, mount, and remove heavy objects. I can climb ladders, fill the patches and paint the walls, measure the space precisely and hang photographs, portraits and other visual arts. I also have the understanding of installing and positioning spotlights and changing bulbs. I can even store, and keep records of artwork and clean them as necessary.

Please, let my attached resume have the privilege of being read by someone like you. If you find me perfect for the position, call me in your free time on the given number. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Saundra W. Cronin

A gallery assistant must also possess the knowledge of Internet since she has to do the research on artworks that can help the gallery in driving buyers. She will also record the in-house and sold objects.

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