Graduate Assistant Cover Letter

Becoming a graduate assistant is an interesting opportunity for individuals to gain all the required teaching experience. Graduate assistants will always balance their course load along with teaching. Most of the times, the graduate assistants will be given the complete responsibility of a class.

Graduate assistants are nothing but graduate students who will help the faculty member and other professional staff members inside a university or college. A graduate assistant will teach or will be involved in the duties that are related to teaching.

Assistants will have to instruct lower-level courses, develop different teaching methods, administer and prepare for the exams and grade papers. These individuals will have the liberty to choose where and when they wish to work, how much time they will dedicate for a certain course preparation, study, research and other activities.

Graduate assistants have all the flexibility in their own work schedules, but when they are students, they will have to spend maximum time in their own studies. These professionals must be capable enough to find a perfect balance between being students and instructors.

Becoming graduate assistants is one of the best ways for all the graduate students to gain good teaching experience in a college setting. These assistants must be enrolled in the graduate school program for becoming eligible for this particular position.

Some of the universities and colleges will need teaching assistants to attend certain courses or take training before they are handed over the responsibility of the class, especially when graduate assistants are given the complete responsibility of the class.

If you want to try teaching while you are studying then you can definitely try applying for this position. All you need is an impressive cover letter that will land you in the job. Here is an example graduate assistant cover letter that you can refer to.

Graduate Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Your Contact Information
Robert Crichton
3181 Owen Lane
Fort Myers, FL33901
Mobile: 239-202-9992
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Jose Davis
Faith College
2773 Sampson Street
Georgetown, CO80444


Dear Mr. Davis,

I came across this job opening on for Graduate Assistant for your college in the Mathematics Department. I would like to take this opportunity to apply for this position, and have attached my resume for your further review.

Currently, I am working with Smith's College as a Math Teacher. I have had immense pleasure for taking numerous numbers of classes with this department, and I am well-versed with all the curriculum supplied and concepts. I am confident that this opportunity will help me in enhancing my learning for making a successful career as a teacher. I know that this position is the only one, which is highly coveted by similar minded students in this department of study, but with all my experience, good communication skills and excellent background in studies; I am confident that I will prove to be the best choice for this job opening.

I would like to get the chance of an interview, so that we can sit down and discuss all the new learning options that I can introduce for increased efficiency. You can contact me at any time on 239-202-9992 or e-mail me at Thank you for giving a glance to my letter and resume. Awaiting a positive reply.

Robert Crichton
Your Signature

Enclosure: Work Profile and Resume

Keep your cover letter short and simple. Do not write your life history, because the recruiter will not be interested in knowing what you liked as a child. Keep the letter job requirement centric and avoid any kind of exaggerations. A simple and personalized cover letter will do wonders.

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