Laboratory Assistant Cover Letter

Any research in the medical and scientific field does not reach to its final stage unless proper assistance is provided. Of course, help in terms of money is also important, but the most valuable factor is the helping hand offered by laboratory assistants. These trained and qualified professionals literally become a shadow of the scientists and researchers from the very beginning of a project to its end. They are mostly sought after by settings dealing in medical and scientific research. Their involvement before, during and after an experiment requires them to complete an associate degree either in biological science or biotechnology. They can even specialize in a particular medical field to offer assistance in collecting and studying blood and tissue samples.

If you want to get hired for a laboratory work, get ready with a laboratory assistant cover letter. Since a position as a laboratory assistant needs precise knowledge of a testing procedure and working knowledge of the tools and equipment, you need to highlight your skills . In addition, you have to include your previous experience in the type of research works the laboratory performs. Overall, the letter should place you in a position where it could become easy for the recruiter to hire you.

Tips to write a cover letter

Download a standard cover letter format and make the necessary changes to the name and address section. Be specific while addressing the person. This is necessary to help the letter reach to the intended person.

Begin with a brief introduction of yours and mention the position you are writing an application for. When you have specified the position, it will make easier for the hiring department to sort it accordingly. Don't make them guess to ponder about how you came to know about the opening. Hence, explain it where you read the job opening.

Since it is an assistant position, the company would also consider you as a fresher. For that, you need to have excellent academic records. Mention the kind of projects you have worked while pursuing the degree course. Add a few references of your professors who appreciated your work.

In case of any prior experience, explain the type of laboratory work you have performed. Try to connect those works with that necessary in the applied job.

Inform about your action plan and thank the reader in the last paragraph. If you are confident, you can even ask the addressee to contact you by including phone number and time of contact.

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Laboratory Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Michael M. Valentine
1895 Ingram Street
Dayton, OH 45429
Phone: 937-499-7390


Andrew M. More
Hiring Manager
Ethereal Medical Research Corporation
1082 Musgrave Street
Dayton, OH 45377

Subject: Application for the position of Laboratory Assistant

Dear More,

It is the best day of my career as you have given me an opportunity to sit and write a cover letter for the Laboratory Assistant position to Ethereal Medical Research Corporation. I hold an associate's degree in biological science from Dayton University and have completed five-years of laboratory work in the medical settings. I am happy that the skills, qualifications, and experience you have mentioned as needed in this position on your website match with mine.

I am familiar with the type of medical research work your organization is into. And I am proud to be associate with your research team that is relentlessly working on ways to make people's lives comfortable.

The following are my skills and experience you would benefit from:

In addition, I can also interview patients to get their medical history. My communication skills and ability to work a team member are my strong points that will work in your organization's favor.

I am excited to work in your laboratory with your research team and contribute my skills and experience. Please give me a call during my lunch-break from 1:30 to 2 pm. In case you are busy, I will follow up this coming Monday. Thank you for you time.


Andrew M. More

Enclosure: Resume

This letter is trying to sell the candidate's skills to the employer and make him believe that he is the best fit for the applied job.

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