Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter

Cover letters are to be drafted when they are to be sent because each employer's requirements are different. You cannot send the copy of the same cover letter to all the employers irrespective of the requirements specified in their job positing. You have to write them as required. Therefore, some preparation made earlier will be helpful while drafting a cover letter whenever necessary. This orthodontic assistant cover letter example given here and the job description of the orthodontic assistant will help you in drafting your cover letter.

Orthodontic Assistant Job Description:

Assistants provide support or aid to accomplish a particular task or job. An orthodontic assistant assists orthodontists in performing orthodontic treatments. Orthodontist deals with any dental problems such as deformation of teeth, jaw deformation, tooth decay and any other oral problems. Orthodontists correct these problems through surgical treatments or some medications. An orthodontist assistant helps these doctors in many ways. Here are some of the duties performed by orthodontic assistants.

Dental Assisting National board provides certification, and certified orthodontist assistants get license. Even fresher's work as orthodontic assistants until they are capable of working as independent orthodontists.

Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter Format:

Applicant's Name
Address for Correspondence (Street, House no., City)
Telephone Number
E-mail Address

Date: _____________

Employer's Name
Addressee's Designation
Company Name
Company Address

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss XXXXX,

First Paragraph: Apart from writing the position for which you are applying and the name of the reference in this paragraph you should demonstrate the motivating factor which made you write to the particular employer. What do you know about the organization that increased your interest in working there is a best way to start with so that the employer is convinced that you are willing to get associated with his organization.

Second Paragraph: This paragraph can be devoted to include you traits and accomplishments that can make you stand out as a candidate. It would be easier for you to portray your talents and unique traits if you do some research about the organization for which you are applying. You can focus or embrace these skills into your letter.

Third Paragraph: Here you can give a reason for the employer to view your resume. If you express your interest in meeting him then he will be keen on your profile and can consider calling you for an interview.

[Your Name]

Enclosures/Attachments: These should be listed here in bulleted points or in any readable manner.

Sample Orthodontic Assistant Cover Letter

Jennifer Watson
926 Shallow Valley Street
Shimmer Cottage
San Antonio
Texas - 94746
Phone number: 635-097-5766
E-mail id: jennie_watson@mail.com


Angela Simon
Refresh Dental Hospital
San Antonio
Texas - 67656

Subject: Application seeking position of orthodontic assistant

Dear Angela Simon,

I came to know about the vacancy for the position of an orthodontist assistant in Refresh Dental Hospital. I am enthusiastic about this position and would like to show my interest in this position. I am confident that I can outreach your expectations and make an influential contribution with my profound assisting skills as an orthodontist assistant.

I can undertake responsibilities such as preparing moulds, fixing braces to correct deformities in teeth, preparing the operating room for surgery, etc. I have sound knowledge of the surgical equipments required in different surgical procedures. I can also provide assistance to the patients on dosage of the medications prescribed to them. I also have experience of making pre-surgical preparations of the patients such as cleaning the cavities, sterilizing, giving anesthesia, etc. I can undertake multiple responsibilities at a time.

I am excited about working under your assistance. If you find my profile relevant to the position you company is seeking for, you can call me or mail me.

Thanking you

Sincerely yours,
Jennifer Watson
Assistant Orthodontist


Hope, the example orthodontic assistant cover letter given here will help you in showing your expertise to the employers.

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