Physician Assistant Cover Letter

Cover letters are a type of formal letters that are usually sent along with the resumes to give the employer an idea about your skills and qualification. This is your first interaction with the recruiter so you can also request the employer to read your resume and have a discussion with him regarding the position for which you are applying.

Cover letters will help you stand out from the rest of the job seekers and help the employer understand your credentials at a quick glance through your applications. Therefore, whenever you send your application for the position of physician, you should utilize some time in drafting a suitable cover letter. The cover letter given here will help you in the same.

It is necessary that you write a precise subject statement in your cover letter before you start with the descriptive part of your cover letter so that you explicitly portray the purpose of your cover letter. The career profile of physician assistant given here will also help you.

Career Profile for Physician Assistant

Physician assistants help the doctors or physicians in providing proper treatment and preventive measure to the patients for certain diseases. Physician assistants can work with any physicians such as orthopedic physicians, pediatric physicians, gynecologist physicians, etc. They work under the guidance of the doctors and are not supposed to take any decisions unless they consult the doctor.

They diagnose the patients and provide the results to the doctor for analysis and provide medications for the treatment. Physician assistants should also possess a degree in medicine, either master's degree or bachelor's degree. After many years of experience as assist physicians they can work as independent physicians in hospitals or in their own clinics.

The sample physician cover letter given here is written considering the general requirements of the recruiters while hiring an assistant physician. You can draft your cover letter referring this sample.

Sample Physician Assistant Cover Letter

Maria Robinson
435 Collins Street
55 Mirror Avenue
El Paso
Texas - 83978
Phone Number: 829-526-8938


Dr. Susan Miller
Cure Hospital
El Paso
Texas - 63766

Subject: Application seeking physician assistant position
Reference: Advertisement in El Paso Employment News Paper

Dear Dr. Susan Miller,

I am keenly interested in working as an assistant physician in your hospital for pediatric department. I came to know about this position from the El Paso Employment News Paper, dated September 5, 2011. I have necessary skills and qualification to work in this position.

I am a M.D. in pediatrics and a fresher currently pursuing my last year of internship in Vision Hospital, El Paso. I will be completing my residence internship in next month and would like to join your hospital immediately if I get an opportunity. I have all the knowledge necessary to cope with emergency and critical situations. I also have excellent knowledge of the medications and like to get updated with current advanced treatments methods. I had been a consistent performer throughout the academics and am awarded certificate of appreciation from Vision Hospital, El Paso.

My resume enclosed with this application will give you a detailed review of my qualifications and skills. You can call me at the above mentioned contact details at any time. I would be interested to have a discussion with you regarding this position on weekends. Please consider my alternate contact number 905-436-5899.

Thank you for reviewing my applications. Hope you will value my credentials.

Sincerely yours,
Maria Robinson


  1. Resume
  2. Degree certificates
  3. Internship certificates
  4. Recommendation letter from Vision Hospital, El Paso
  5. Salary slip of last two months

Follow the above physician assistant cover letter format for drafting your cover letter.

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