Virtual Assistant Cover Letter

The only first chance you get to make a favorable first impression is through your cover letter. Your cover letter should perfect, so that it compliments your fact-based resume and immediately forms a connecting bond with the position you have applied for. A well-written cover letter will consist of three things: salutation and heading, introduction, a detailed description of how to intend to benefit the organization, and a closing sentence along with your signature.

Following are a few things that you need to remember while writing a cover letter:

This is how ideally you should go about writing your cover letter. If you are still confused on what information to add, and what to avoid, then follow the following example virtual assistant cover letter.

Virtual Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Margarito Briggs
4281 Waterview Lane
Las Cruces, NM 88005

Date: July 3, 2011

Stephen Perry
Wall Street
3430 Fraggle Drive
Schaumburg, NY 60173

Dear Mr. Perry,

Re: Virtual Assistant Position

Doing something different has always fascinated me, and when it came to my career I decided to do exactly the same thing. Being a virtual assistant is all together experience. Today, when I saw an opening with Wall Street, I thought why not apply for it. For your further consideration, I have enclosed my resume along with this letter.

I have more than 12 years of experience in working as an assistant for the administrative department. Out these 12 years, five have been spent in working as a virtual assistant. According to the requirements stated in advertisement, I have good skills in computer systems and languages; I have a perfect setting of office at my home, with a fixed line for telephone, internet, printer, fax machine, and computer to function everything in the right manner. If situation requires, then I can handle several tasks at once as well, and I am always keen on handling new projects. I can communicate with clients, employees, and senior officials in an efficient manner. I will never let you down when it comes to professionalism.

You can go through my resume and find all the information. However, it would be better if we could meet and have a one-to-one discussion, where we can discuss this position further. I await a reply from you eagerly, and you can call me on my mobile anytime at 505-526-4142. Thank you for reading my application and considering my resume.

Margarito Briggs
Enclosure: Resume

Virtual assistants have to be good at managing things, without physical being present in the office environment. Therefore, in your cover letter you will have to be as precise as you can. Make a lasting impression. Good luck!

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