Associate Editor Cover Letter

Cover letters are compulsory along with submitting resume for an editor post as well. Most of the employers expect these days a good cover letter. The associate editor cover letter will help the reader to understand your style and ability. Make sure, you include all the correct and accurate details.

As it is known to many of us, writing profession is a multi-faceted and takes a number of steps to create and finish a product. This process is then propelled by an editor or an editing stuff. For an associate editor the job and the position can involve various responsibilities.

Your cover letter should be written in a way, the employer will be sure that you can carry out any kind of responsibility given to you.

Below is an example as how you can get started with the writing of the cover letter.

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Associate Editor Cover Letter Sample 1

Your address:


Recipient's address

Dear Mr. / Mrs.

After reading your prospective job vacancy in the popular website, I hereby apply for the post in your leading TV station.

I have been working as an associate editor for the past two years. I had to report to the assistant editor and with so much of experience I feel confident for this post.

You will see from my resume that I have gained a lot of experience within my chosen profession. During my work with (insert your previous company) I have successfully completed my tasks, build excellent relationship with my colleagues and proved adaptability and flexibility in both internal and external demands. I would really appreciate if you could review my attached resume.

Please feel free to contact me at (contact details). I look forward to hearing from you.


Your name:

In the cover letter, the job seeker should talk about the passion for the publishing industry. He or she should enjoy supporting writers with good editing and reviewing articles and making the final changes to them. In addition to this, he or she should discuss his or her previous experience.

Below is another sample for a cover letter of associate editor:

Cover Letter Sample 2

(Your address :)


(Recipient's Address)

Dear Mr. / Mrs. XYZ,

With this cover letter, I am applying for the post of an associate editor, which I saw recently on a popular job site (insert the name of the website). I started my career after my college in a small town weekly magazine, in (name of the town or city) as a writer and eventually got promoted to the post of an associate editor. Now, after four years I would like to work full time for your company. I am familiar with the three magazines that you publish and believe I would fit for the (name of the magazine).

I can assure you that you will find me as someone who can deliver highest quality of work with energy and enthusiasm. I would try my best to make outstanding articles along with the writers for your readers.

Please call me at (contact details) if you would like to meet me in person and see the portfolio of my articles that I have edited for my previous employer. I look forward to meeting you.


(Your name)

Enclosed: resume

This is how you can write an associate editor cover letter and create a good impression on the employer.

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