Cover Letter for Domestic Violence Advocate

Domestic violence advocates help adults and children of both the sexes in overcoming physical and mental trauma caused due to violence at homes. Their presence and service are vital for maintaining peace within the community and teaching people the importance anger management. Since lots of abuses and violence take place each day all over the world, there are growing needs of people who have compassion for other and ready to work for their betterment. To get into this noble and social service, employers will prefer you with a bachelor's degree either in medical or hospital settings, social work, or psychology.

You need to complete an accredited domestic violence program and get some work experience to serve the community. With this, a domestic violence cover letter is very necessary. This letter will help you to show the employers your compassion for victims of domestic violence, and your experience in counseling and assisting them in overcoming the trauma.

Sample Cover Letter

Megan J. Shimizu
3476 Cityview Drive
Glenolden, PA 19036
Phone: 610-461-2473

October 01, 2013

Janine H. Harris
Hiring Manager
Healers Inc.
861 Tree Frog Lane
Glenolden, PA 19030

Subject: Application for the position of Domestic Violence Advocate

Dear Ms. Harris,

Growing up living in an under-privileged area and being a witness to domestic violence fueled an undying spirit in me to do something for victims who are subject to insult and injury by their own near ones. With this aim in my mind and heart, I completed a bachelor's degree in sociology from PA University and started working in a local community center in Glenolden. Now, I would like to take my services to more and more victims, and hence I am applying for a Domestic Violence Advocate position at Healers Inc.

I have been counseling women and children for the past three-year in my area. During this time, I have met and interviewed thousands of people living with abuse and under the threat of violence. With my knowledge and experience, I have helped in devising safety plans and methods to identify the reasons that trigger the situations for violence. I offered therapy sessions to victims alone and in groups. I have provided them any facility that they deserve under such conditions. I also talk to husbands and fathers and try to find out the reasons prompting them to turn violent. My counseling and open-minded conversation with both victims and guilty have managed to bring down the percentage of domestic violence in the neighborhood area.

Some times, I even visit hospitals and try to understand how the staff over there help domestic violence victims in recovering from physical and mental injuries. Since I am good at building network, I have built contacts with government agencies. This helped me in getting immediate service form them in times of need. I can use my reputation, patience and compassion for your organization and solving more cases of domestic violence. Further, I am good at investigating.

As people out there need both of us, and it is necessary to reach to them as soon as possible, I request you to plan and fix our meeting. Together, we can develop strategies in curbing down domestic violence and make the community a safe place for women and children. Thank you for your time.


Megan J. Shimizu

Enclosure: Resume

This sample cover letter combines the writer's compassion, patience, and investigation skills. It will surely help you in displaying your intentions to serve the community.

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