Family Advocate Cover Letter

A family advocate performs a variety of community services to the people. He or she will facilitate access to necessary resources for families, work with disabled children, help kids in dealing with behavioral issues, implement programs for the overall development of the family. The family advocate is the bridge that shortens the gap between lingering in between a family and local governing system. This means they are a point of contact for families, schools, child welfare agencies and community service organizations.

To apply for this position, a cover letter is essential. Since you will be serving as a liaison for the employer, you have to communicate your interest and experience in a succinct manner. The letter should concentrate on the needs of the organizations. For example, an Institute of Research and Reform in Education may require your expertise in recognizing the personal needs of a child, implement a plan to solve crisis resolution, etc. Overall, you must demonstrate your communication skills and assisting skills to gain a personal interview.

Family Advocate Cover Letter Sample

Stephen J. Lewis
4682 Duff Avenue
Bennington, VT 05201
Phone: 802-440-4425


Lorraine J. Everett
Recruiting Manager
Fast Help-Line Center
3791 Davis Avenue
Bennington, VT 05206

Subject: Application for the position of a Family Advocate

Dear Ms. Everett,

Providing support and facilitating the community-affiliated resources to the low-income families and their children require a decent liaising skill. I have acquired this skill with years of dedicated service for the benefit of the people. I would like to use my abilities in adding to Fast Help-Line Center reputation by presenting my candidature for a Family Advocate position.

I have the compassion to work for the people who neither have the means nor the knowledge to obtain basic rights. I have acted as an advocate for a countless number of families in the past ten years and provided them access to education, medical facilities, and solving disputes before they reach to the court. This way, I have saved valuable time of the court, and the parties involved.

I have overseen and managed development programs for individuals and group. I have assisted child welfare officer in monitoring and resolving cases. I have also developed and executed support program for older children. I have even conducted lectures and seminars whereby I have taught children in how to deal with behavioral issues.

I am good in organizing and managing statistical reports. I have even handled the paperworks for starting country assistance programs. My efforts in paying extreme attention towards the safety of children have so far yielded positive results, and it will so in the future. My skills have helped many families in overcoming crisis and giving a new turn to their lives.

I am eager to meet you to discuss my experience and skills that would be useful for your organization. You can reach me at 802-440-4425 anytime you prefer.


Stephen J. Lewis

Enclosure: resume

Edit this cover letter to suit your experience and skills. You can refer this letter when applying to any organization or setting that need candidates to liaison for their clients.

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