Ledger Cover Letter

Ledger Cover Letter is a brief introduction to the job application of a ledger. The nature of duties of a ledger is detail oriented. The ledger is supposed to make entries in the journal. These entries are related to receipts and expenses and are important for maintenance and checking of accounts. The ledger is also supposed to maintain documents that support the entries in the ledger. Apart from these duties, the ledger assists accountants with the scrutiny of the journal entries and aids relevant authorities with preparation of financial statements.

Employers usually look for candidates with a bachelor's degree in business and about two to three years of experience in maintenance of ledgers. The candidate should be good with the use of computers and accounts related software. Considering the nature of the job, the candidate is supposed to be comfortable with performance of detail oriented task that is also repetitive. Equally important is maintenance of precision. One error in a journal entry can produce a chain reaction of larger errors in accounts. What is more, tracing these errors at a later date is a herculean task, to say the least. Knowledge of laws, regulations, disclosure practices, and standard operating practices is essential.

Ledger Cover Letter should effectively bring out all these abilities of the candidate. Like all other cover letters, this letter needs to be a to the point compilation of the candidate's competencies. The tone should be professional and persuasive. The applicant has to understand the requirements of the position in that organization by a thorough study of the job advertisement. He then has to portray himself in a manner that clears the doubts inside the mind of the recruiter. If the applicant is able to do this, the position is his for the taking.

Here is an example of ledger cover letter:

Sample Ledger Cover Letter

December 9, 2011

Charleston Murphy
20 S. Green Street,
Baltimore, MD 21201

Frank Sparrow
Chief Accountant,
Maryland Enterprises,
10 Commerce Street,
Baltimore, MD 21202

Dear Mr. Sparrow,

This is with reference to your advertisement in "The Baltimore Chronicle", dated December 4, 2011, inviting applications for the position of a general ledger in your reputed organization. This letter is an expression of interest in the said position. I fulfill all the conditions of eligibility for this position in accordance with the qualifications prescribed in your advertisement. I have over five years experience as a general ledger and I am seeking employment with a growing organization that offers enormous growth potential to committed employees.

As a general ledger, I have handled all the responsibilities of this position. These include main duties like making entries in journals, preparation of certain parts of financial statements, compilation of supporting documentation and paperwork, and drafting certain documents for the purpose of disclosure. I am good with the use of accounts related software and in dealing with details. Furthermore, I can maintain full concentration while attending to tasks of a highly repetitive nature.

These qualities and my degree in business help me to successfully execute other related responsibilities like maintenance of a master list of monthly journal / ledger entries and feeding these entries in the office computer system, keeping a record of all information that supports entries in journals and computers, and ensuring the occurrence of recurring entries. I have also assisted auditors with the checking of journals. I am well aware of the laws, regulations, disclosure / transparency norms, and standard business practices in this line of work.

It will be a great experience to work with an expanding organization like yours. If given the opportunity, I will execute my responsibilities to the best of my abilities. I have attached my resume with this letter. You can contact me on the telephone number or the email address mentioned above.

Yours sincerely,
(Charleston Murphy)

Enclosure: Resume

Ledger Cover Letter should bring out the readiness of the candidate to handle detail oriented repetitive tasks on a continuous basis. And, the applicant should be able to do this without making errors.

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