Parole Cover Letter

Most of the employers like the applications sent along with a cover letter. As they get huge number of applications every day, it is natural that they might want to sort them quickly. In such case a cover letter helps you a lot. In a cover letter, we have to highlight our credentials and exceptional qualities that are important from the perspective of the employer. This will help him know your credentials and importance for his organization at a glance. It is likely that he may spend some time in reading your resume and call you for an interview. Therefore, you should attach a parole cover letter with your resume.

At the same time your cover letter helps the employer know your communication skills which are very important in any job position. The cover letter example given below helps you in following some of the professional etiquette that are necessary any business letter.

Parole Job Description:

Parole officers should have a degree in criminal justice or psychology. Even people having a degree in social work are hired as parole officers. These people have to work with the criminals or the parolee and their families. Parolees are the criminals or the offenders who have been imprisoned and have a chance of conditional release from the prison before they have served their due sentence. There are some parole officers who do not work with the prisoners but they work in the correctional offices and set rules and regulations for the prisoners. Parole officers who directly work with the offenders also help them after they are released from the prison. They help them in rehabilitation and creating a foundation for their new life by helping them get employment as well as provide them financial help. Parole officers generally work with the local and state prison systems. They need to be mentally strong and deal with stressful conditions sometimes and make sure that the prisoners released really deserve this concession.

The sample parole cover letter given here will help you in writing your letter in an appealing manner.

Sample Parole Cover Letter

Diane Janet
278 Pink Floyd Street
V Stick Avenue
Texas - 27929
United States
Online Correspondence:
Telephone Number: (278)-729-6289

Date: August 18, 2011

Peter Ruth
Chief Officer
Denton Prison
Texas - 29306
United States

Subject: Seeking challenging position of parole officer (job code - pro28)
Reference: Danton Employment News, dated August 18, 2011

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter in reference to the requirement posted on today's' Danton Employment News for the position of parole officer. I have all the required qualities and experience that a parole officer need to have. You can review the resume enclosed here for your detailed information.

I have ability to work and tackle adverse situations and help the prisoners in the overall reintegration process. I have sound knowledge of all the rules and regulations stated by the criminal justice laws and will abide by the jurisdiction of the state. My exceptional interpersonal skills will be helpful in understanding the difficulties and mental conditions of the parolees.

It would be a pleasure to entertain a personal discussion with you regarding the above position. If you want to meet me in person, call me at my personal contact number (278)-729-6289 or mail me at

Thanking you for reviewing my cover letter. Hope you will consider my resume too.

Yours faithfully,
Diane Janet


You can also mention your alternate contact details in your parole cover letter for the reference of the employer. It should be mentioned in the last paragraph.

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