Patent Attorney Cover Letter

When applying for a patent attorney job it is necessary that you send your resume as well as an attaching note in the form of a cover letter to the employers. This will help you get better job opportunities and boost your career. Here I have tried to present a skeleton of a cover letter as well as an example for your reference.

Patent attorneys are the qualified professionals who can represent patent related cases in the U.S patent offices and U.S patent courts. A patent is a legal right given to the products which are original or are owned by some organization such as logs, machines, software products, hardware products, cars and any such products. When a patent is applied to certain product no other organization can release or manufacture the same type of product according to the law. A person who originally owns the right to manufacture those products can sue the other company. In this case, a patent attorney assists and presents the case in the court on behalf of the person who has the right of the product. There are also patent agents, but their work is slightly different as compared to that of patent attorneys, they work with the organization and help them apply patent rules to their products. To get employed as a patent attorney, it is necessary to pass the Patent Bar examination.

Sample Patent Attorney Cover Letter

Pamela Adams
66 Logic Lane,
Arizona 36309, USA
Phone number: 368-468-2928
E-mail id:

Date: August 19, 2011

Laura Joyce
River International Inc.
Arizona 36348,

Subject: Application for the position of patent attorney Reference: Emp. Id. rii98

Dear Laura,

I am writing this letter and sending my resume with great keenness and interest in seeking the position of patent attorney in your organization. I came to know about this position from my cousin, John William (Emp. Id. : rii98), working in your organization.

I hold a Graduates Degree in Law and passed the Patent Bar Certification Exam. I have been practicing as a patent agent with XXXXX organization for 3 years and then with YYYYY organization as a patent attorney since 2 years. I have profound knowledge of the laws of the patent court and exceptional communication skills. I can be a helpful asset for your organization, if I get an opportunity to work with you.

Thank you for considering my letter. You can read my resume for more information. If you find my profile matching your requirements, you can call me at 368-468-2928 or mail me at

Sincerely yours,
Pamela Adams


Hope the example patent attorney cover letter helps you in drafting your cover letter. Wish you best of luck for your career!

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