Victim Advocate Cover Letter

Crime scene victims are usually traumatized and at such times they require someone who can provide them legal and emotional help. At such times, victim advocates come into picture and provide their full support to the victims. These professionals come into the picture right after the crime takes place. They will be placed either by the prosecutor's referrals or by the law. There are different areas where the victim assaults will have to focus. Victim advocates will continue to act as the guides of victims for as long as the case goes on. Also, they will be the liaison through the court room process and the system of criminal justice.

Since, these professionals will be working closely with the victims, their main job is to take care of courtroom process, handle the criminal justice system, and provide help to the victim as well. Victim advocate needs to have compassionate nature, since they have to give emotional support and provide crises intervention whenever required. An advocate has to be highly sensitive towards the requirements of the victim. They have to make sure that the rights of the victim are taken care of, and help the victim in faster recovery from their mental trauma.

A victim advocate needs to have remarkable communication skills. These skills are top on the list because they have to communicate with the victim and get every possible information from them, communicate the same to the courtroom, and heal with the victim with insightful words. Another important skill that every victim advocate must possess is the skill to listen and express empathy. This job profile can be very stressful and the one must know how to handle stress in a skillful manner. Apart from these skills, you will also have to write a cover letter to get noticed. This article will provide you with an example victim advocate cover letter for reference.

Victim Advocate Cover Letter Sample

Ignacio Tucci
706 Carolyns Circle
Dallas, TX 75202

Date: July 5, 2011

Christie Wright
Paul Wimbely & Associates
921 Huntz Lane
Concord, MA 1742
Dear Ms. Wright,

Re: Victim Advocate Position

In the morning, while browsing through the possible job openings, I came across an opening at Paul Wimbely & Associates for the position of a victim advocate. Therefore, I am submitting all my documents for this position. Since, I am shifting to this area; I am looking for the best possible options in my career, a place where I can help people. As per the qualifications listed by you, I can guarantee that I am the best match for this job.

As for my educational background, I have completed my Master's degree in social work and I have been closely associated with lawyers in working as victim advocate since the last nine years. I have excellent communication skills, which gives me the liberty in discussing even the intense issues with great ease. I understand that people go through a lot of tough times, and I provide them the required compassion and emotional support.

In some the situations, it requires a complete team to deal with the issues, so that the victim comes back to the normal routine of his or her life. For the same reason, I can assure you that if you hire me then I will be the best person for this position. A personal interview would be beneficial for both of us, where you can know more about me and my experience, and I can know the future goals of your organization. If you want to contact me, then I will be available on my mobile at 214-749-4215 or you can leave an e-mail at Thank you.

Ignacio Tucci
Enclosure: Resume

A victim advocate cover letter has to be simple yet precise. Try to win over the employer through a letter. All the best!

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