Automobile Detailer Cover Letter

An automotive detailing is a service that helps keeping vehicles looking best and preserves their condition for maximum value. This is becoming one happening job these days, as you earn a good wage and work steady at reasonable hours and have more independence than most contemporary occupations. However, getting the job at the right place can get a little difficult. Sending your resume may not be enough to get the attention of the potential employers. In such a situation an automotive detailer cover letter can be of great help.

Before you start wring the cover letter, it is good and quite useful to know about the automotive detailer job profile and its description.

Job description of an automobile detailer

A professional automotive detailer possesses technical knowledge, expertise and skill in the field of automobiles. Auto detailers usually work in showrooms and car service center and are responsible for providing services for vehicles in their respective work place.

Sample cover letter for automotive detailer can provide you with some important tips and instruction to write one such letter.

Dear Mr. XYZ,

I saw a notice on the website (insert the name of the website) where it stated that your company (mention the name of the company) is looking for an automobile detailer. I have the experience, skills and training you are looking for. I have enclosed my resume with this cover letter.

I have been trained at (mention the name of the institute) in both automobile detailing and auto repair. I also have enough knowledge for both domestic and foreign autos. I have five years of experience in (name the company) where I worked as an automobile detailer. During this span of five years, I have learned creating detail drawing of different parts of automobiles, researching detail provisions and parts and incorporating various detail elements into different types of vehicles. I work at a jiffy but I believe to provide quality work on the vehicles I work on.

I kindly request you to give me a call at (insert your contact details) to arrange an interview. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this cover letter. You can know more about me and the work I performed in the past in detail in the enclosed resume.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume, experience certificate and salary slips

You can also take the help of this second sample cover letter for automobile detailer given below:

Your address:


Recipient's address

Dear Mr. James,

In response to the recent advertisement on (mention the name of the website), please accept this cover letter for the post of an automobile detailer in your company. I am experienced, trained and competent to the position to eligible for the position. I have also included my resume for your consideration.

I have over 8 years of experience as an automobile detailer at two well known car repair shops. You see a detail of this in my resume. I have also received a formal training at (name of the institute) in the year (mention the year when you completed your training). I have a good knowledge about domestic and foreign vehicles and there isn't a vehicle that I cannot diagnose and find a solution for. I work in team and have a good technical mind.

I kindly request you to conduct an interview and give me opportunity to show what I can offer for your company. I can be contacted at (insert your contact details).


Your name:

Enclosure: resume

This is how you can write an effective and eye catchy automobile detailer cover letter and impress the employer to read your resume.

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