Air Export Agent Cover Letter

Much is talked about resumes and the different ways of drafting it. But have you ever given it a thought that how will the reader or addressee choose to select your particular resume out of all the ones lying on his or her table? Well, not surprising if you have not. This is where some people surge ahead. They take the extra effort and find ways to get into the eyes of the correct people, the recruiters or employers. An air export agent cover letter does the same for you.

Instructions for Writing Cover Letters

Cover letters are written and submitted along with resumes, invariably. It has a typical format that one has to follow in order to make it effective. The instructions for writing the air export agent cover letter are as follows:

Air Export Agent Cover Letter Format

Correspondence Details of Sender:
(Name, postal & e-mail addresses, phone number)


Professional Details of Addressee:
(Name, designation, name of the firm, address)

Application for ______ post

Body of the Letter

Closing of the Letter
Sign Off


Sample Air Export Agent Cover Letter

James John
Johns' Apartment
7 - Arthur Street, Lane 11
Society of Agents
Washington DC
Contact Number - 523-367-2543


William Arthur
Human Resources Recruiting Manager
Human Resources Department
Lufthansa Air Export Services
Washington DC

Re: Application for Air Export Agent's post

Mr. Arthur,

I write this letter to you as a response to the notice published in the monthly magazine of Lufthansa Air Export Services which I got hold of in the library, dated 07/26/2011. I am grateful that you published the notification and having read the requirements for the Air Export Agent's post I feel confident of writing this letter to you for recommending myself. I am pretty sure I am the right candidate for the position. Kindly have a look at my resume attached along with this letter for details of my justification.

My experience in handling foreign parcels and baggage's are explained in detail in the resume. I am efficient, hard working, a multi-tasker, quick learner and have the ability to gauge and detect profit-making opportunities in various situations. I also possess good communication skills apart from knowing French and Italian along with a friendly personality, which more often than not attracts clients.

I plan to meet you the day after tomorrow i.e. 07/29/2011 if you can give me an appointment in the second half of your day. Thanking you.

Kind Regards,
James John.


Hope this air export agent cover letter is of some use to you in telling you how to go about writing one for yourself. Be confident and try to mention your strong points related to your job as far as possible. Wish you all the luck!

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