Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Cover Letter

The requirement of writing cover letters cannot be ignored as with level of competition rises, presentation has become the necessary element nowadays. The way you present yourself and manage to overshadow others applying for the same job post are the key to get the interview call first among the others whose resumes lay in a stack on the recruiter's or employer's desk. The following sections will give you how to write an air force lieutenant colonel cover letter along with a template to draft your personal letter.

Cover Letter Writing Tips

Cover letters should be written precisely mentioning the source of your knowledge where you came to know about the post applied for and also the reasons for why you are applying somewhere else, wanting to quit your air force job. Please note that mentioning a valid reason is important here.

The cover letter mainly consists of two parts only, showing interest in the job and convincing the recruiter or employer that you are the right candidate for the designation, through substantial qualities and proof, in the form of your experience or certificates, whichever is appropriate.

Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Cover Letter Format

The format for writing an air force lieutenant colonel cover letter is simple and easy. Needless to say though the letter has to be written confidently, the tone of the letter should not be over confident. The following can be considered as a template for the same.

Details of the Sender (Name, Address & Contact Numbers)


Details of the Addressee (Name, Designation & Name of the Organization)

Reference: Application for the respective post

Body of the Cover Letter: Mention which designation or work profile you are applying for and it is with respect to which notice. Second part of the body of the air force lieutenant colonel cover letter should talk about the achievements you have garnered and qualities that you think you possess which the employer will not want to forego and look further for an employee.

Closing of the Cover Letter: The closing paragraph should enforce your self-recommendation. Offer to have a meeting or confidently ask the person to call you on your number within a period of time. Show interest in the job by mentioning in what ways you can contribute to the organization. Include a thank-you line to the reader for spending his or her time in reading your letter and do write if you have plans or intentions for meeting the addressee regarding the job.

Sincerely Yours,
Sender's Name

Enclosures: Enlist the documents you plan to submit or attach along with the air force lieutenant colonel cover letter under this subhead.

Sample Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Cover Letter

Major Torque Earnest
13- Navigator's Lane, Air Force Lines 7,
Lane 23, Inverted Pacific Street,
New York City.
E-Mail Address:
Contact Number - 989 100 1234


Lieutenant General Ryan Frederick
Human Resources Manager
Hardy Rocks Aviation State Head Quarters
Washington DC.

Mr. Laureate,

Reference: Post of Lieutenant Colonel

This is with reference to the notice for the vacant post of Lieutenant Colonel in your organization, the notification of which I got through the official Air Force website,, dated 06/21/2011. Having garnered 14 years of experience in the Air Force Maintenance department, I believe I have acquired skills that an upcoming division like yours can put to good use. Along with the technical know-how of different aircrafts and carriers, I have sound experience in managing a team of newcomers too. I have also designed training schedule for newcomers and contributed substantially in the success of various teams I have worked with.

Kindly give me a call on the above mentioned number on any weekday to fix an appointment. I would like to meet you in person in your office, according to your convenience.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanking you in anticipation.

Sincerely Yours,
Torque Earnest.

So this was an air force lieutenant colonel cover letter example that you can follow to write your own personal letter. Make sure you personalize the letter with mentioning the name and designation of your addressee. Wish you all the luck!

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