Aircraft Electrician Cover Letter

You have to do some ground work before you plan to build an apartment and lay the electric wires. In a similar way you have build your foundation when you get into the job market and apply for a job. An aircraft electrician cover letter is one of the preparations you got to do when forwarding your resume to an organization. It is a personalized letter written to show interest with the motive of winning an interview call.

Cover Letter Writing

The aircraft electrician cover letter is a formal letter but is not an application as such. It is just an unofficial letter that is submitted along with the resume. You get a chance to show your desire and keenness to offer your services and something more than you cannot put in the resume. But as any other letter the cover letter has a format too and it is as follows.

Aircraft Electrician Cover Letter Format

The aircraft electrician cover letter template is given below. The content presented here is given just to demonstrate how the content of the letter should be.

From: Mention all your details as given here. This is for the recruiter to contact you.
Name of the Sender
Postal Address
E-mail Address
Contact Number

Date: the date you post the letter

To: Find out the addressee's details as given below.
Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for __________

Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

Body of the Letter: Consists of the introduction as to which post you are applying for and the source from where you came to know of the post. This is important for the sake of their knowledge and your credibility. Mention how you can contribute for the success of the firm. Present your points in either a bulleted list or in paragraphs but do not exceed one page.

Closing of the Letter: Include a line of gratitude for at least reading your letter and considering the resume. It will prove to be helpful if you express your desire or wish to speak on the phone about the job opportunity in the closing of the letter.

Closing salutation,
Name of Sender

Enclosures: Whatever documents you attach with this letter, e.g. resume, certificates, etc. note it down here in a listed form.

Sample Aircraft Electrician Cover Letter

Napoleon Cruise
15, The Serene Apartments
Street of Best Electricians - 23
Los Angeles
Contact Number - 324 265 8535


Mary Joseph
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
Los Angeles Airways
Los Angeles

Re: Application for the post of Aircraft Electrician

Miss. Joseph,

With reference to the notification of the vacant posts of Aircraft Electrician in Los Angeles Airways published on the website in the last week I am submitting you my application and resume for the same. I have served in the Los Angeles Electricity Board for the past five years and have kept myself updated with the latest technologies and changes in the academic curriculum too. I was also training the fresh graduates joining my previous company. I had to enter into whatever opportunity I got at that time due to some personal reasons. I wish to now change my industry and utilize my knowledge of aircrafts electronics which I studied in my post graduation.

I am happy to state that my ex employer has written a letter of recommendation for me. Hope you will have a look at my resume. Waiting to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
Napoleon Cruise


Considering this sample aircraft electrician cover letter you can start with finding out information like the name and designation of your addressee, going through the company profile, the vision statement, what activities the organization is involved in, etc. So with this we wish you best of luck!

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