Aircraft Engine Mechanic Cover Letter

Presenting yourself when applying for a job is one of the factors that needs training and nowadays quite a few colleges have started including the soft skills classes in the curriculum itself. The thought behind it is that almost everyone who is competiting with you for the same job profile has had formal education but when it comes to selection your smartness and the way you portray your knowledge is what comes into the forefront.

Correct and apt expression is the key to success in any field. Here while talking about the aircraft engine mechanic cover letter the same principle is followed. The letter is accompanied by your resume and it tells the reader why you are interested in the position you are applying for. The cover letter provides you a fair chance to highlight your strengths and pour out your enthusiasm in order to make the recruiter or employer read your resume.

Being a formal but unofficial letter the aircraft engine mechanic cover letter is an important necessity in today's world to compete with the numerous candidates. Though there is a format for writing the cover letter you can experiment with the matter depending on what you want to express to the recruiter or employer. The following sample will show you the ways to do it.

Aircraft Engine Mechanic Cover Letter Sample

Carl Rodriguez
187, Miranda Housing Society
Harrowing Lanes
Nebraska East
Contact Number - 402 787 2754


Luther Sebastian
Sr. Human Resources Manager
Nebraska Aircraft Manufacturing Unit
Aircraft Manufacturers Street
Nebraska East

Re: Application for the post of Aircraft Engine Mechanic

Mr. Sebastian,

I write to you for applying for the Aircraft Engine Mechanic's post in Nebraska Aircraft Manufacturing Unit. I came to know of the vacant position from my senior manager in my current factory (National Aircraft Maintenance Hub). I have been working as an aircraft mechanic since two years and as you would know the profile of my current company where I am employed I have gained sound experience in handling and maintaining any kind of fighter aircrafts. I can proudly say that I have even implemented a special training session for my department of the new fighter aircrafts that our Air Force is using.

I wish to shift to your firm for contributing in the special lot of aircrafts that your official site states you will be dealing in from the next month. I wish and hope to increase my hands on knowledge in maintaining those aircrafts and contribute my experience for the success of your reputed firm.

I request you to have a look at my resume which will give you detailed information of my job profile and the responsibilities I have shouldered along with my specialties. Thanking you a lot.

Yours Truly,
Carl Rodriguez


This was an example of the aircraft engine mechanic cover letter and you have to personalize the letter with the correct names and designation of the addressee. As evident from the sample cover letter the contents of the letter has to left aligned and keep a watch on the length of the letter. It should not exceed a page. Ideally just write two to three paragraphs. Be careful as to not treat the dicey waters when presenting your strengths. Remember to be humble. Check for mistakes of any kind, factual or numerical i.e. in the dates.

Another suggestion that experts give when writing an aircraft engine mechanic cover letter is that try and make efforts to follow up in terms of meeting the employer once before you are called for the interview. You can do everything possible to show your interest and to get the employer's attention. So we wish you all the best for your future!

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