Aircraft Fueler Cover Letter

Serving as an introduction to your resume the aircraft fueler cover letter is an unofficial letter written to the recruiter or employer of the organization where you are applying for a job. The intention behind writing a cover letter is to tell the addressee in what ways you are interested in getting the job and how does the work profile allure you, or it can also be about something that you like about the organization for which you want to be a part of it.

Aircraft Fueler Cover Letter Writing Tips

As for the content of the aircraft fueler cover letter you have to mention certain things and can also talk about the following points:

The letter has to be drafted in soft copy with standard fonts and without any usage of colors, decorations, borders, etc. Although it is not an official letter it has to be formal as it is to be sent with the resume.

Please keep a check on whatever you mention as it should not be too boastful and as far as possible have proofs of everything, like certificates, or at least answers in case you are asked to substantiate.

The format of the letter is as given below, with everything in left alignment. The matter presented here will help you draft your own copy.

Sample Aircraft Fueler Cover Letter

Peter Robinson
14 - Carnival Housing Society
Harry's Lane, Street 7
Contact Number - 406 368 1985


Robin Crusoe
Human Resource Department
Montana Aeronautics Limited
Office No. 304, Julianne Official Complex

Re: Application for the position of Aircraft Fueler

Mr. Crusoe,

The notification for the position of Aircraft Fueler in posted last week makes me write to you. I am interested in taking up the responsibility the ad talks about. I would like to tell you that I have been working as an aircraft fueler from the past four years and know well the technicalities involved in the simple task which requires great precision.

Apart from the regular work profile that involves in being an aircraft fueler I had been selected for the mid-air fueling project by the U.S. Air Force because of my efficiency and perfect judgment as to how much fuel is required for traveling a certain distance. On the basis of my performance in these projects I was made a part of the training team for the Air Force. I also have a letter of recommendation from one of the command chief master sergeant.

I am fully confident that I can do justice to the job in your organization and wish to contribute to the best of my capabilities. Thank you Sir for your time. Hoping to hear from you soon.

Yours Truly,
Peter Robinson

Documents Attached:

This was just a sample of the aircraft fueler cover letter but before you actually sit down to draft the letter do a bit of study and note down what are your strongest points. Also make a note of any special or extra work that you were assigned to put it in the letter. With this we wish you all the luck for your future endeavors!

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