Aircraft Pilot Cover Letter

What is an Aircraft Pilot Cover Letter? An aircraft pilot cover letter is an unofficial letter that says that you are the correct choice for the employer. Mention your job responsibilities in detail and give in details of some special achievements you have accomplished in the tenure of your work till date. Follow the reverse chronological order when giving such information. Prefer bulleted points when giving data because it becomes easy to read. The main subject of a cover letter to the employer is saying what makes you think you are fit for the job. We will see some technicalities of writing the aircraft pilot cover letter along with a sample letter.

Aircraft Pilot Cover Letter Format

Given below are the basic sections of a formal letter that comprise the 'from' and 'to' sections with contact details of both the parties in conversation. Some other important points and tips are given with these following subheads.

From: Name of the sender, postal address, e-mail address, contact number Date

To: Name of the addressee, designation held, organization's name, address, city

Reference: Position of Aircraft Pilot

Opening Salutation

Paragraph 1: Body of the Letter

Paragraph 2: This is for the closing of the letter which should have an expression of gratitude towards the employer, the addressee for their time. If you are very confident then you may even thank him or her for considering your resume and asking them to call you or contact you further for the job.

Closing Salutation: This depends on the opening salutation i.e. when you know the addressee and address him or her with the names then the closing salutation can be 'yours sincerely.' Similarly when you do not know the name of the addressee you can write 'yours faithfully.'

Name of Sender

Documents: In this section make a list of the documents you will attach with your resume.

Sample Aircraft Pilot Cover Letter

Julianne Murray
New St. Paul's Street
No. 102, Passion Flower Housing Society
Contact Number - 501 737 6787


Robert Miller
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
Arkansas Airways
304 / 305, Arkansas Industrial Area

Re: Application for the post of Aircraft Pilot

Mr. Miller,

I have been rendering my flying skills and using my experience to promote flying in the commercial sectors as a professional since four years. I came across this interesting notification you put in the official post of the national flying journal dated last week. I understand you have quite a few numbers of vacancies for the Aircraft Pilot in Arkansas Airways. The following are my key abilities that will surely prove that I can be considered as one of your prospect employees.

I am proud to say that I have always been appreciated for my work and have shown exemplary performance. I hope you find me suitable too. I wish to meet you for talking more about this job. I will call on 08/11/2011 around 1600 hrs to speak to you.

Thank you Mr. Miller.

Sincerely Yours,
Julianne Murray


The aircraft pilot cover letter is about convincing the employer that you are the best candidate for the job profile and he or she will regret if they miss you out among other candidates. So give your best and here's wishing you best of luck!

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