Aircraft Technician Cover Letter

Preparation for a competition starts way before actually getting into the competition. Although this stands true in every case somehow the employment arena is not as meticulous as it should be. An aircraft technician cover letter is a formal letter which shows all the qualities of a good employee with leadership qualities yet who is humble enough to be able to learn and contribute to the organization.

Just like you work on your resume, to give it more credibility and advantage above others, write a cover letter. Invest some time and energy to find out certain things about the organization you are applying, for example, the name and position, etc. you may also find out from the contact person about who is the one to take the interview.

Now let us see the format of writing the aircraft technician cover letter and an example of the same in the sections below. The letter should be drafted in a soft copy and submit the print out of it along with the resume.

Aircraft Technician Cover Letter Format

Given below are the basic sections of a formal letter that comprise the 'from' and 'to' sections with contact details of both the parties in conversation. Some other important points and tips are given with these following subheads.

From: Name of the sender, postal address, e-mail address, contact number
To: Name of the addressee, designation held, organization's name, address, city
Reference: Position of Aircraft Technician

Opening Salutation
Paragraph 1: main content
Paragraph 2: thank reader

Closing Salutation:
Name of Sender Documents: Enlist everything that is in the enclosures of this letter, like the resume, etc.

Sample Aircraft Technician Cover Letter

Andy Bill
New Orlando Street
No. 102, Orchid Housing Society
New Jersey
Contact Number - 419 737 6787


Margaret Anthony
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
New Jersey International Cargo & Travel
310-315, New Jersey Flying Pitches
New Jersey

Re: Application for the post of Aircraft Technician

Miss. Anthony,

My senior Mr. John Henrik has told me to submit my resume considering the recent hiring plans of New Jersey International Cargo & Travel. With respect to the same I am submitting my resume herewith and that is my reason for writing to you. I would like to give an idea of all the responsibilities I can handle. They are as follows:

Usage of Tools: I am trained and can use x-ray and magnetic inspection equipments, hand or electric power tools for various purposes like installing electrical lines, taking care of the plumbing, tackling mechanical problems.

Checking: Keeping a vigilant eye on corrosion, invisible cracks and leaks, wing and tail balance.

Other job responsibilities include inspecting, cleaning, lubricating, refueling, changing oil in the aircraft, strictly taking care of compliance of regulatory instructions and notices, assembling and disassembling engines, etc.

I would like to add that documentation is amongst my most special qualities. I have maintained records of the repairing and servicing details which proves to be extremely useful for reference purposes.

I hope you consider me as one of the eligible candidates for the Aircraft Technician's position in your firm.

Thank you Miss. Anthony.

Sincerely Yours,
Andy Bill


The aircraft technician cover letter given here is a fictitious one to show you an example. You can find your strong points from your job description itself. Choose and decide wisely as to what your strong points are that will impress the employer. After drafting the letter check for spelling and grammatical errors. Proof read the letter well to correct mistakes, if occurred. After this do a quick check and compare your resume and the cover letter to see if some points have become similar because it should be avoided. Confidence is the key to selection everywhere. Leaving you with this note and wishes for your success.

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