Airfield Operations Specialist Cover Letter

Just like you search and prepare for your resume you should put in efforts for writing the airfield operations specialist cover letter too. The letter is about your interest in a certain job vacancy and profile. You have to do some analysis as to what the company deals in and what kind of employee is required there. When you know the employers requirements you can analyze whether you are suitable for the job, whether you are interested or not, etc. Once you are done with the analyzing you can pen down whatever you wish to mention in the cover letter. Following is the template for the airfield operations specialist cover letter. You can refer to this template when drafting your letter and simply replace the blank spaces with your content.

Airfield Operations Specialist Cover Letter Template

Some tips about writing the airfield operations specialist cover letter:

Name of the Sender
Addresses (postal and e-mail)
Phone Number


Name of the Addressee
Designation Held
Organization's Name

Re: Post applied for


Sincerely Yours,
Name of Sender

Enclosures: In this section make a list of the documents you will attach with your resume. This way the addressee will be apprised of what you have furnished and there will be a record of the same in case of misplacement.

Sample Airfield Operations Specialist Cover Letter

Joana Jobi
New St. Patrick's Street
Los Angeles Housing Society, Flat 505
Los Angeles
Contact Number - 319 548 3498


Rachel Thomas
Human Resources Manager
Administrative Department
Los Angeles Airfield Operations Head Quarters
304 / 305, Los Angeles Society of Flying
Los Angeles

Re: Application for the post of Airfield Operations Specialist

Miss. Thomas,

I came across your advertisement notification for the vacant position of an Airfield Operations Specialist in your reputed firm in the state journal last week dated 08/01/2011. Being a part of the Los Angeles Airfield Operations Head Quarters has been a childhood dream and now I see it right in front of my eyes calling me. I meet the standard of your selection. I have cleared the written entrance examination and am conversant with the work described in the job description.

Apart from my regular specialization course from the University of Massachusetts I have been participating in various competitions, seminars and workshops from where I have learnt the following:

I take pride in telling that I have been a topper in the extracurricular activities throughout my college. I really wish to serve your firm and am very sure you too do not wish to lose a dedicated and sincere employee.

Thank you very much for considering my letter and going through my credentials.

Sincerely Yours,
Rocky Pattinson


So this is how you have to convince the employer and take him into confidence. Remember to not fake anything, do not tell lies. Cover letters are a tool using which you can take advantage of telling something more that has the capacity to influence the employer or recruiter to call for the further selection rounds.

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