Bank Accountant Cover Letter

Bank accountant performs the same functions as an accountant of any other business. As you all may know how important a cover letter is, to help you get the job position. So showcase your professionalism and your interest to get it with an effective bank accountant cover letter. In addition to preparing an eye catchy resume, a good and well prepared cover letter also play a vital role to get you a call from a prospective employer. These letters help you to determine your working status so far.

The samples below will show you some important tips and instruction to write these letters.

Bank Accountant Cover Letter Sample 1

Mike Patterson
4536 Single Street
Charles town, MA 3425


Robin Miller
New York Bank
5678 field crest Road
New York, 27890

Dear Mr. Miller,

As response to the advertisement in the weekly magazine (name the magazine or the newspaper) wherein you are seeking for a bank accountant for your bank, I am very keen to apply for it and have enclosed my resume with this letter.

I have a degree in accounting from (name of the institute) and I also have five years of experience in accounting. For the first two years I have been auditing in private institutions and serve large scale private clients. I then moved on to the (mention the name of your company) in which I was the assistant head bank accountant for the past three years. With these experiences, I have been able to develop a good knowledge of the procedures and processes involved. I also have a good experience and know what are the expectations and programs involved of an accounting professional. I am proficient in all the areas I work and would love to know more and grow with your bank.

I am qualified and interested to work with you. If you do feel the same please call me at (mention your contact details) so that I can arrange a meeting and discuss on this more.

Sincerely, Mike Patterson

Enclosure: resume, experience certificates and salary slips

Second sample letter for a bank accountant cover letter is given below:

Cover Letter Sample 2

Your address:


Recipient's address:

With reference to the advertisement in one of the local magazine, I present my resume for the post of bank accountant.

For the last six years, I have enjoyed working as a bank accountant in (mention the name of your company). It was a privilege to learn every aspect of accounting in this company be it the payrolls, general ledger or the preparation of the year-end budgets. Apart from this I trained and mastered a variety of accounting programs which includes excel, lotus, the Peachtree accounting.

I have technical skills which makes me highly efficient. With this profile my organizational and interpersonal skills have also improved. I acted and served a number of clients and fellow accountants and this required me to manage multiple tasking simultaneously. I follow up each and every task that was given to me and worked on it until completed and report on the progress within the time given to me.

I was also nominated as the employee of the year. Now I believe that I can work with larger accountant firms and get greater opportunities.

I look forward for meeting you in person and discuss more on this matter. Please feel free to call me at (contact details) if you feel I meet the needs and requirements of the company.


Your name:

Enclosure: resume and experience certificates

This is how you can write a bank accountant cover letter and create a better impression in the mind of your future employer.

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