Head Teller Cover Letter

There are various duties and tasks that a head teller needs to perform and all these responsibilities will vary in every bank. If the head teller performs his/her job in an effective manner then it will help the other members in the bank to perform at a higher level. A head teller is responsible for handling the cash drawer and all the duties related to it. They basically have to balance the cash drawers and successfully complete cash audits. One of the important functions of a head teller is counting cash.

Head tellers are responsible for monitoring other tellers. If a teller is not in the right balance, then the head teller will have to look for shortage or overage. At the position of a head teller, most of the times they will have to motivate their subordinate tellers. They have to make sure that all of them are reaching their objectives and goals. Training other tellers on how they need to handle the cash drawer is also one of their job responsibilities. They will have to give them instructions on how they have to provide world class customer service.

As a head teller, a major part of their job is communicating with clients, tellers and manager on a day-to-day basis. One of the major requirements for this job is having excellent customer service skills. Another major part of their job responsibility is replenishing the automated teller machine and transferring the required money to the vault whenever required. Sometimes, they will also have to audit the vault, in conjunction with some other employee, on a frequent basis. Head tellers have a lot of job responsibilities and they have to make sure that each one is carried out in the appropriate manner.

If you think that you have the skills to become a head teller, then you can start looking out for jobs. Here is a dummy head teller cover letter that you can take help from.

Sample Head Teller Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Bonnie McFarland
480 Collins Street
Huntingdon, PA16652
Mobile: 814-251-0059
E-mail id: m.bonnie@example.com

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Jonathan Shifflett
State Bank
1886 Horner Street
Boardman, OH44512

Date: April 18, 2011

Dear Mr. Shifflett,

I know all the skills that are required to become an effective Head Teller and that is the only reason why I have got all the success in this position in the last eight years. Find my attached resume for your further perusal. I know that my accounting background when coupled with managerial skills will definitely make me a perfect candidate for your organization.

For any financial institution, it is important to build a good team and I take pride in myself for being able to train all my employees efficiently. This is very important, so that they are ready for dealing with monetary and public issues, which may arise on day-to-day basis. I can make schedules and make sure that the all the busy times at your organization is well covered.

When there is so much money at stake then trust is one of the most vital issues, and I am fully bondable and have got good credit rating, as you will come to know while you perform a background check on me. I have been given complete access to the vault and other sensitive issues at my last organization and there has never been an issue related to money not accounted for.

For the same reason, I am sure that a meeting between both of us will be beneficial for both of us. You can contact me at 814-251-0059 or e-mail me at m.bonnie@example.com for a meeting schedule.

Bonnie McFarland
Your Signature

Enclosure: References and Resume

Make sure that there are no grammatical errors or typos. Keep it simple, good luck!

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