Mortgage Broker Cover Letter

A mortgage broker's cover letter is an important tool, which can help you secure an interview call for a mortgage broker's position. It is generally the primary source of communication between the hiring organization and the candidate. For this reason, it needs to make a positive impact on the reader. This cover letter should be written in a clear and easy to understand language and must contain relevant details about the candidate's qualifications and desire to work with the organization.

A mortgage broker is an individual who sets up a mortgage loan on behalf of his clients. He/she has to act as a liaison between the person who is need of the loan and the financial source, which is ready to lend the required amount of money. Mortgage brokers have to conduct extensive research in order to find the best possible mortgage loan as per the client's requirements.

Some mortgage brokers work independently while others work with firms. Experience in either case is considered while applying for a job at a brokerage firm. Hiring managers from these firms look for ideal candidates with prior experience in the field and necessary educational background such as a bachelor's degree in banking and finance or an equivalent course.

Given below are a few tips on writing a professionally appealing cover letter for a mortgage broker. Read the guidelines as well as the sample cover letter in order to gain better understanding on how to write your own mortgage broker cover letter.

Tips on writing a Mortgage Broker cover letter

Sample of Mortgage Broker Cover Letter

Michael G. Purdue
4129 Circle Drive
Houston, TX 77032
Phone: 920-786-2349


Clayton D. Kendall
HR Manager
Mortgage Banking Solutions
2320 Fleming Way
Houston, TX 77006

Dear Mr. Kendall,

I am writing this letter in response to your advertisement in Texas Herald, dated 01/02/2012 regarding the job opening for the position of a mortgage broker at your esteemed firm. I would like to apply for this position based on my qualifications and seven years of experience in this field.

I have been working as a mortgage broker with ABC Mortgage Group for the last seven years. My chief job responsibilities are assessing the clients' requirements and needs, gathering and submission of all necessary documents, performing background checks and explaining legal procedures and documents to the clients.

I have attached a copy of my resume along with this letter for your reference. You will find detailed information about my past work experience as well as qualifications in it. If selected for the job, I believe I can be a valuable asset to your firm and this will also help in building my career in this field.

Kindly contact me on the above mentioned contact details in case you have any queries regarding my job profile. Thank you for your consideration and taking the time to read this letter.

Yours sincerely,
Michael G. Purdue


As seen in the above sample, a mortgage broker's cover letter should state your desire with regards to working with the company and present your professional details in a manner that attracts the hiring manager's attention.

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