Mortgage Processor Cover Letter

A mortgage processor is a person who performs the task of processing mortgage loans by verifying the details of the loan applicant. Mortgage processors are employed by banks, financial institutions and mortgage brokers. While applying for this position in an organization, one must possess a professionally written mortgage processor cover letter, which makes a good first impression on the hiring manager.

Mortgage processors also perform tasks such as running credit checks on loan applicants and confirming the authenticity of documents submitted for loan approval. In case of the applicant having a bad credit history, the mortgage processor has to conduct further investigations and request for further documents before processing further details of the loan. A mortgage processor needs to possess good computer skills as most of the mortgage processing work is done with the help of software applications.

It is essential to possess a professionally appealing cover letter as this is the first form of communication between you and the hiring manager of the organization. We have enlisted a few tips on writing a good cover letter for mortgage processor along with a sample cover letter which will give you a better understanding on writing your own letter.

Tips on writing a Mortgage Processor's cover letter

Sample of Mortgage Processor Cover Letter

Charles C. Nobles
1138 James Martin Circle
Worthington, OH 43085
Phone: 614-330-9352
Email ID:

January 10, 2012

Lynn T. Adams
Hiring Manager
Lloyds Banking Solutions
2995 Alpaca Way
Cleveland, OH 44102

Dear Ms. Adams,

This letter is in reference to your printed advertisement in the Ohio Herald dated 01/09/2012, regarding the job opening for the position of a mortgage processor at your organization. I would like to apply for this position as I possess the necessary qualifications and skill sets required for the job.

I have worked as a mortgage processor for a period of eight years in two different financial institutions and have amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field. As a mortgage processor, my basic job function was to process mortgage loans for various individuals as well as companies. Verifying information generated from background checks, investigating financial documents of loan appliers and performing necessary tasks for mortgage finalization were some of the other job responsibilities that I undertook as a mortgage processor. I have attached my resume along with this letter for your reference.

I am certain that I am the perfect candidate for this job as I have been a proven performer in the past and look forward to continuing that tradition. I would love to get the opportunity to talk to you in person about my job profile. Please feel free to contact me on the details provided above. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Charles C. Nobles



As seen in the above sample, a mortgage processor's cover letter should portray your skills and past job functions in the field and must create a positive impression on the reader. It should complement the information in your resume and state your wish to apply for the job position.

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