Verifier Cover Letter

A verifier cover letter when sent along with your resume to the employers will surely make a difference in your job search. Though cover letter and resume do not get you a job, they play an important role in getting you an interview call from the employer. Therefore, it is worth to spend some time in drafting them. Especially, job seekers neglect writing a cover letter. It may be due to lack of proper guidance or negligence. The sample verifier cover letter and the format of cover letter given here will guide you in writing a precise cover letter.

Verifier Job Description:

A verifier is required in many industries such as insurance companies, schools, colleges, banks and corporate offices. These verifiers verify the authenticity of the information provided to them and approve the documents for further processing. Their main responsibility is to analyze the information provided by the clients and then check it or cross-verify it. They sometimes have to visit client's site for this purpose. Verifiers specialize in the particular area in which they are working. For example, if an individual is working as an insurance verifier then he should have good understanding of the insurance policies and rules of his insurance company and if he is working as a verifier in bank then he should have sound knowledge of the documentations. They help in preventing fraud and illegal activities that can cause loss to the company.

Format of Insurance Verifier Cover Letter

Contact Section
(Name of applicant)
(Address for correspondence)
(Contact number)
(E-mail address)

Date: (MM/DD/YY)

(Name of employer)
(Company name)
(Company address)

Subject: (A single statement)
Reference: (Newspaper, job portal, etc)

Dear Mr./Mrs./Miss __________,

Opening Paragraph:

Middle Paragraph:

Closing Paragraph:

(Name of applicant)
(Signature - Optional)


Verifier Cover Letter Example

Steve Marshall
928 Southern Sun Street
Marshall Cottage
Fort Worth
Texas 93886
Phone: 938-738-9398

Date: December 28, 2011

Thomas Miller
Gain Insurance Pvt. Ltd.
Fort Wroth
Texas 87366

Reference: Advertisement posted in job portal, ref code - veri876

Dear Mr. Miller,

It is with keen interest that I am presenting my application for the position of verifier in your organization. I have the required experience and skills to excel in this position and will definitely prove to be a productive employee for your organization.

My ability to pay attention towards the details and exceptional analysis skills will definitely help your organization. I am currently working with VVT Bank, Fort Worth as an account verifier. My responsibilities include verification of accuracy of the information provided by clients and opening accounts. My total experience counts of around 3 years in VVT Bank, Forth Worth.

My resume attached with this application will tell you more about my accomplishments. You can reach me any time on my personal number 938-738-9398 or mail me at

Looking forward to meet you soon to discuss your requirements and my ability to fulfill them. Thank you.

Steve Marshall

Your verifier cover letter should not be too lengthy and should be grammatically correct. Therefore, go through it once before sending it.

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