Inventory Clerk Cover Letter

Inventory Clerk Cover Letters are the introductions of job applications made by inventory clerks. They provide an overview of the job application and place the resume in the appropriate context. It must essentially be a compilation of the most important attributes of the candidate. Furthermore, it should explain precisely how some or all of these attributes can find conducive environment in the organization where the candidate is seeking employment. This lends a customized touch to the job application, facilitating the entire process through which the candidate will move to the next round of the recruitment.

Another important requirement of a cover letter is its synergic relationship with the resume. Both these documents should be part of a whole. A meticulously complied cover letter will have little effect with a casually or poorly composed resume and vice versa. The cover letter and the resume must complement each other - the cover letter should be the reason the recruiter reads the resume and the resume should confirm the first impression made by the cover letter.

Although the content in inventory clerk cover letters will vary from candidate to candidate, some common points will exist in every such letter. Inventory clerks need good organization and record keeping skills with an eye for detail. This is essential in order to successfully execute responsibilities like receiving, labeling, and storing goods; keeping track of stocks, and keeping the stock room tidy. Since the job also requires the readiness to perform certain tasks repetitively, the same should be emphasized.

Sample Inventory Clerk Cover Letter

November 21, 2011

Nicholas Slater
1000 N. Michigan Road,
Indianapolis, IN 46208

Philip Verne
Chief Recruiting Officer,
Vasco Retail Chain Store,
1200 East Hanna Avenue,
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Dear Mr. Verne,

This is reference to your advertisement in "The Boston Globe", dated November 15, 2011, inviting applications for the position of an Inventory Clerk in your esteemed organization. I hereby submit my application for the said post. I have one year experience as an inventory clerk with a departmental store. I am interested in working with a reputed retailing major like yours where the prospects for growth with the organization are great.

As an inventory clerk with "The Plymouth Store", I have handled all aspects of the job. I am fairly seasoned with activities like communication with vendors and suppliers, packing, labeling, and attaching price tags on merchandise; maintenance of inventory records and initiating further action if necessary, supervision of cleaning and systematic arrangement of goods in the store room, and doing all this on a repetitive basis. I am conversant with all the legal provisions related to storage of goods and the standard practices associated with this line of work.

I am well aware of the nature of the job and, therefore, comfortable with working at nights and weekends if the occasion demands so. I have fine communication and organization with excellent interpersonal skills that allow me to get along with people. When required, I can lead from the front to get things done. I have a high school diploma and I am pursuing certification in inventory management as an external student.

Your organization is well known in this field for its competitive work culture and the immense prospects of growth it offers to its employees. I am interested in working with an organization of this caliber. I will also be interested in meeting you in person and discuss this opportunity in detail. You can get in touch with me on the telephone number or email address I have already mentioned.

Yours Sincerely,
(Nicholas Slater)

The Inventory Clerk Cover Letter, therefore, needs to be persuasive without losing the overall business tone. The candidate also needs to gather some information about the organization and, on the basis of this information, explicitly mention why he is seeking employment with that organization. This will enable the recruiter to evaluate the candidate in the light of the needs of the organization and establish the areas of common interest between the candidate and the organization.

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